The Art of Endings Teaser

bedTrey is just beginning to get comfortable being in a “relationship” with Shayla and enjoying it, but he’s beginning to learn new things about her that he hadn’t counted on, like the fact that her newly-revived academic ambitions mean she has less time for him than she did before. As he’s becoming more accustomed to domesticity, she’s becoming a woman-on-the-go, and he’s not sure he likes it.

Trey woke up the way he always did, with Shayla pressed against him. He wouldn’t have it any other way. And like he always did—as though to reassure himself that she was still there—he ran a hand over her hip, reaching forward and between her legs. Most mornings, she woke up horny just like he did, and if she didn’t, he could get her there in pretty short order.

Last night she’d been up late working, so he knew he shouldn’t wake her. But she was up late every night working these days and he needed some of her attention too, so if this was the only way to get it, so be it. He stroked her for a few minutes, feeling the moment she was awake by the subtle shift of her legs, and the way her thighs opened slightly for him.

“Trey . . .” Her voice was a whisper.

He loved the way she said his name.

Outside it was still barely light. The bitter cold was hinted at by the gunmetal gray sky just visible through the leafless limbs of the dogwood tree outside their bedroom window. Assured of her readiness, Trey pressed into her. Feeling her give way and envelop him, he involuntarily emitted a quiet sound of his own.

Thank God for monogamy.

To feel nothing but her skin against his skin, her heat, her wetness . . . there was nothing like it. Had he remembered this, he might have tried being monogamous a long time ago. But it wouldn’t be like this with just any woman, it was different with Shay, and had been from the very first time. Now he couldn’t imagine being without this, without her . . .

Trey surged forward with more force, wanting to go deeper, as deep as he could. Shayla was doing that thing he liked, that little hip swirl that drove him out of his mind. Trey reached up and grabbed her breasts, 36Cs he now knew. He now knew all kinds of random pieces of information about her. Things he never cared to know about another woman, things he thought a few short months ago, he would never get close enough to discover. They had been slowly revealed to him through the steady, reassuring daily hum of domesticity. The routine nature of it, the predictability and constancy were things he would never have anticipated getting used to, let alone enjoying. But he did.

Moving with more energy now, Trey could feel himself nudging against that spot, deep inside her that always made Shayla pant his name and clench about him. She was saying his name like that now, over and over again.

Was there anything better than that? Hell, he had to slow this down if he didn’t want it to be over in a minute.

He had all morning, and that’s how long he wanted to go . . .

“Oh god, Trey!”

He paused. That wasn’t an Oh-God-Trey-it-feels-so-good, or a Oh-God-Trey-you’re-a-beast. It was an expression of alarm. Even through the mind-blowing, toe-curling pleasure of Shayla’s heat he could interpret her tone. And as if to underscore the point, she was pulling away from him, prying his viselike grip loose from about her waist and sitting up.

“I have a breakfast meeting!” she said, getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom. “I completely forgot. With that GW professor who might give me access to some Larsen material.”

It took Trey a moment to refocus, away from the fact that he was no longer wrapped around and buried inside Shayla but once he absorbed the meaning of what she was saying, he was immediately frustrated. She was leaving again. Lately, she was always leaving.

“You have a breakfast meeting today?”

“Trey, you have breakfast meetings all the time,” she pointed out, glancing over her shoulder.

“Never on a Sunday, Shay. Call her and reschedule.”

“Him. And I can’t reschedule. This is the only day when we’re both free. I work during the week and he has classes to teach. This is the only time . . .”

“Yeah, but it ‘s my time,” Trey said.

At that, Shayla stuck her head out of the bathroom and looked at him, obviously torn. “I know, baby, but . . .”

“But what . . ?”

He had no compunction about exploiting her guilt. And just as soon as they were engaged, he would ask her to stop temping. Between that and the academic research stuff, she was never around anymore. He made more than enough to support them while she finished this book she was working on, and went back to school if that’s what she wanted.

Trey flung back the sheet and looked down pointedly. “You’re really going to run out of here and leave me like this?”

Shayla spluttered into laughter and came toward him once again. “That would be cruel of me,” she acknowledged.

“Yeah, it would.” Trey pulled back as she crawled on her hands and knees across the bed. “And don’t even think about giving me some half-assed hand job just to placate me . . .”

Shayla rolled her eyes, and then after a moment’s consideration, licked her lips.

“Nope,” Trey shook his head. “Not that either.”

“Trey, be reasonable. You know otherwise it’s going to take much longer for you to . . .”

“I don’t care about being reasonable. It’s been almost a week.”

“You say that like it’s a long time.”

“For us it is.”

“Okay, but you have to drive me downtown to my breakfast meeting afterwards.”

“I can’t believe we’re negotiating about this,” he said looking up at the ceiling.

“We’re not negotiating for sex, we’re negotiating for time,” Shayla said. She was straddling his torso now, poised to lower herself onto him, and Trey wasn’t about to do or say anything to stop her. He would drive her from DC to Los Angeles if she wanted him to.

Shit . . . it felt like she had him in a clenched fist . .  .

Trey closed his eyes for a moment, but only for a moment. This was good, her on top like this, so he could both see and feel as she softened, dissolved and finally came apart, every tiny sensation reflected in her amazing, amazing eyes. It used to be a cliché, telling a woman that the thing he’d first noticed were her eyes. But with Shay it was true. Her eyes were unique in the entire world.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Endings Teaser

  1. I’m so addicted to ALL of your characters! The realism, their nuances, THESE moments! I can’t wait for The Art of Endings. Please keep us posted!

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