‘Women: Withstanding All’ is AVAILABLE NOW!

12821341_1536520193308506_1308045738074794702_n (1)So, it’s RELEASE DAY for ‘Women: Withstanding All’ the anthology developed for Women’s History Month that features 14 women writers of disparate genres, including me. Get your copy, and then please leave a review. But if you need persuading, read the excerpt below from my writer-friend Lily Java!

Excerpt from: ‘Lucky Penny’ by Lily Java

Letter No. 1
July 14, 1996

Dearest Penny,

I was sitting on the grass in Central Park, watching your daddy and your Uncle Marcus play the stupidest game of Frisbee I’ve ever seen. It involved one-handed play since the other hand had a Bud in it. They were both pretty drunk off the six pack they’d brought into the park and hidden under the carriage of your stroller, even though neither of them had drunk more than two beers a piece. Yeah they’re lightweights, and we’re lucky the cops didn’t spot them; but they were having fun so I didn’t mind. Your daddy works so hard; I like to see him let loose when he can.

12828418_1765381300350623_150603436990195949_oYou were there, lying on the blanket Grandma crocheted for you. I worried that the yarn she’d used was too scratchy, but you never seem to mind and always fall asleep on it like it’s the most comfortable thing in the world. Not this time though. This time you were wide awake. Your beautiful, expressive brown eyes were opened to their fullest and staring at me with such intensity, it startled me. It was like you could see right through the back of my head. It surprised me so, I said, “Oh!” Both my hands came up to my mouth to hold back all the other errant exclamations that wanted to come out of me.

Either your dad or your uncle must have seen the gesture because the next thing I know, they both came running. Your father knelt in front of me and said, “Honey, what’s wrong? And I blurted out the one thing that probably would succeed in doing nothing to ease his mind. Yes, your altogether ludicrous mother said, “We can’t die!” And then, your dad’s eyebrows shifted to a different height on his head very near his hairline. I’m going to digress here and say that’s the same exact look he gave me when I told him I was pregnant, but that’s a totally different story.

I could feel them, your dad and his brother exchanging looks, but I kept staring at you. See, it was in that moment approximately ten weeks after you were born that it hit me like a sledgehammer on the foot. You were so utterly beautiful lying there; truly the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. It was the look on your face, I think; so innocent, such trust, such helplessness, and so much love all mixed together and confined in the face of an angel; and it was up to me and your father to protect you, cherish you, and love you. That meant we had to take care of ourselves until you weren’t helpless anymore. No, it wasn’t a sledgehammer, it was something larger—an anvil around my neck.

Your dad reached over to you then. “Lucky,” he said, easily getting your undivided attention in a way he often did with me too. “You really need to stop scaring Mommy.” And the spell you had me under was broken. Whatever you had communicated to me in that moment wasn’t gone, it was just released into the atmosphere and leaving me with only two thoughts: One, I need to join a gym, and two, I need to start writing you letters.

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Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Treanna Neufville

Treanna NCheck out a brief excerpt from ‘Arielle‘, by another contributor to the ‘Women: Withstanding All Anthology’, Treanna Neufville:

Arielle walked to the door and looked out the peephole. What was Silas doing at her door? Arielle didn’t try to hide her irritation as she opened the door. Silas handed her a bouquet of roses before she could even speak. Roses? She was tired of his shenanigans. The roses were beautiful, but she couldn’t appreciate their beauty because of Silas’s stunt, and besides, tulips were her favorite flowers anyway. Silas had a habit of always doing things like this. When he felt as if Arielle wasn’t catering to him enough, or if she didn’t spend enough time with him, he always popped up unannounced and with a gift that never showed that he actually put any thought into it.

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Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Renee Eddy

Renee EddyMeet another contributor to the ‘Women: Withstanding All Anthology’, Renee Eddy, who is not a writer by trade, but who nevertheless, had something to say with her contribution, ‘Single Mother’.

Here’s a brief sample:

Decisions, decisions… A girl never knows what she wants to do with chicken. Okay, I’m going to barbecue it. My daughter likes rice while my son likes potatoes, and I just realize that these damn kids are spoiled. In my time, you ate whatever your mother cooked; and if you didn’t eat it, then you just didn’t eat.

I must admit I’m not in favor of all the corporal punishment I received by my mother; but at the same time, if I could go back in time; I wouldn’t change it. It made me who I am today and because my mother was a no-nonsense type of person; she didn’t take anybody’s mess; and she definitely didn’t take it from her children. I live by that model, and that’s how I raise my children. They know I don’t play that I am your friends crap because I don’t have to be your friend. I’m your damn mother. I feel that once you become a parent, your boundaries have to be put into place. Children and young adults will go astray; however, morals and values have to be instilled so that they never forget. Most times, young adults get back on track because they start to heed to the message that was ingrained in them by their parents. In my case, parent.

Well, let me not take all the credit, just most of it. Okay, the majority of it because my daughter’s father plays a role with sometimes helping raising the kids. Even though we’re not in the same household, he does play a role. However … I do the majority of the work.


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And then buy the anthology to check out the disparate voices of women writers about what it means to be a woman. Get your copy, still at the pre-order price of $1.99 on Amazon!

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Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Angelia Vernon Menchan

AngeliaThis contribution to the anthology is from a writer-friend of mine, the very prolific Angelia Vernon Menchan. Her work features amazing slices of life in small but satisfying bites. Check her out here on Amazon, and then read her excerpt below …

From “I Want You … And My Career, a short in the Women: Withstanding All Anthology:

Jefferson’s nose flared as it was prone to do when he was annoyed. Alicia’s heart lurched because he was a handsome man whom she loved completely, but no one told her that love, marriage, and having a child meant she would have to give up her career.

“We are discussing it now, Alicia. I’m not risking my child-“

“Jefferson, you have one more time to call OUR baby your child. I’m carrying our child, in our marriage, where we make life changing decisions together!”

His eyes narrowed before he turned and allowed the door to close behind him as he walked out of the house.

I think we just fought Alicia thought as she made her way to their bedroom. She was happy about becoming a mother and having their child, but giving up her career for over five years wasn’t an option. She never agreed to that. She was not agreeing to that. She quickly showered and shook off the conversation. They would talk later. Jefferson was her husband, not her dictator.

To read this and other stories in the Women:Withstanding All Anthology, pre-order for $1.99 on Amazon!

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Women: Withstanding All Anthology –Meet Ni’Kay Rountree

12821341_1536520193308506_1308045738074794702_n (1)

On March 15, for Women’s History Month, an anthology ‘Women: Withstanding All’ will be released. It features shorts from 14 women authors (including yours truly) whose work spans the spectrum from urban fiction, to romance, to women’s fiction; and also spans the different stages of women’s lives, from childhood to maturity. The unifying theme is that it features women, persevering. Today, and for the next several days, I’ll be introducing you to some of the contributing authors, many of whom are new to me as well.

And remember, the anthology is still at the pre-order price of $1.99 on Amazon.

12842555_1538539866439872_650049572_oToday, meet Ni’Kay Rountree, who pens racy urban fiction. Her contribution to the anthology is a teen’s story and is called ‘The Beauty Inside’. Here’s a tiny peek …

Dear Diary,

I hate to hear Mom and Dad argue. They can’t ever get along. Sometimes, I wish Mom and Dad would just leave each other. I mean, at least I would get some sleep at night. I am tired of the hospital visits, the waits in the waiting room, and the lies that they make me tell the doctor. As much as I love dad, I hate him at the same time. I hate what he has done to my mom. I hate what he has done to me. I hate what he has done to the family. My fifteenth birthday is in two days and I wish I lived on another planet. It’s starting to get harder and harder to drown out the sounds of glass breaking, chairs being thrown, and the screaming.

I thank God for you, Diary. I am so happy that I have you.

To read more, get your copy of the anthology, and check back here every day for the next few days for more sneak peeks.

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