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‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

SAMPLE SUNDAY: From 'Young, Rich & Black: An Afterwards Novella' “Didn’t I just see you last night?” Phone up against his ear, Deuce watched from the other side of the barbershop as his father got the finishing touches on his shave. His own haircut had been done for a little while, and when he got… Continue reading ‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

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No-Sample Sunday

Because 'Afterburn' is here, and AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon! This one was both fun and challenging to write, I definitely wanted to do justice to the love story between Chris and Robyn, but also the love story between a man and his children, as he grows into a love of fatherhood after living a life of… Continue reading No-Sample Sunday

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It’s Complicated

*** AFTERBURN *** AVAILABLE APRIL 28th! I used to think the best romances came with no mess, no baggage, no drama. And while those are still fun to read, for me personally they're not as fun to write. That's why I became enthralled with Chris and Robyn's story in 'Afterwards'. When they get together, Chris… Continue reading It’s Complicated

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Afterburn’ — coming April 2014

“So how are Robyn and the baby?” Karen asked. The same question, asked by his eldest son’s mother, Sheryl, would have come with an ulterior motive, but Karen wasn’t like that. Chris looked at her. She was still pretty, and had given Jasmin the same perfectly-shaped mouth, perky little nose and large eyes. But now Karen… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Afterburn’ — coming April 2014


Upskirt: A Quick Peek at the ‘Afterwards’ Sequel

When I was in grade school, two of my friends got in trouble for letting boys look under their skirts. I remember watching as two boys shimmied along the floor until they were under the spread legs of my two friends, and looking up in glee. We were all young enough that I remember being… Continue reading Upskirt: A Quick Peek at the ‘Afterwards’ Sequel

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Robyn stopped next to a pink one with white and silver trim, turning to smile again at Chris who was standing a few feet behind her, watching her peruse the evidence of his youthful stupidity. “This looks like a woman chose it,” she said. “Probably,” Chris shrugged. “I can’t remember where most of them came… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY — From ‘Afterwards’ COMING SOON!