Release Date for ‘Maybe Never’ . . .

So it’s Valentine’s Day and somehow the present I planned isn’t all wrapped and ready to go.

Yes, sadly, I’m referring to the novella about Brendan and Tracy, ‘Maybe Never‘. I am, as I type this, on a plane headed to someplace in the Southeastern part of the United States, cramped beyond belief and wishing I’d chosen to fly business-class. And yet, I’m thinking about this book, and the characters in it, and about why they mean so much to me, and maybe to you as well. And because of that, I can’t rush this one to completion and have to let it play itself out. That ‘playing out’ should be done with soon, and the release date is Friday, February 22nd.

In the meantime, if you have a notion, tell a friend about ‘Unsuitable Men‘ and let them know that tomorrow only, it will be free on Amazon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Secrets We Keep: Are Some Secrets Okay to Keep?

no secretsI told a friend I was beginning a series of blogs about secrets we keep in relationships and told her the title of the series was ‘Secrets We Keep’. And her response was, “Why not just call it, ‘Lies We Tell’?” To her, it’s the same thing. I began by voicing my very, very strong disagreement with that idea but now I’m not so sure. Her argument is basically that depending on the secret we’re keeping, we may in fact be lying by omission about the kind of person we are.

Now I  have to admit, that question gave me pause: if we fail to share an incredibly important ‘secret’ about ourselves with a partner, are we lying to them about who we are? Or, are some secrets okay to keep?

Let’s first take off the table secrets about someone else. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not my information to begin with. So if it’s not mine to share, keeping my mouth shut is not a secret, it’s discretion. But if the secret is about me, then  the answer isn’t so clear. If you’re a CIA agent and your husband thinks you’re a housewife, you’ve got a problem. If your boyfriend believes you were a virgin until you met him when in fact you were a call girl, you’ve got a problem.  But on the other hand, if you fail to share every single sordid detail about your past – like the fact that you maybe used to dabble in cocaine use when you were nineteen – I’m not sure that rises to the level of “deception” nor should it affect your current relationship if it’s revealed.

In general though, my opinion is that if the secret is about your present reality, it’s probably destructive to keep it. And it almost doesn’t matter what the secret is about. If we’re not talking about a secret anniversary party, or keeping secret what gift you got them for the holidays, my gut tells me that the very act of concealment is distancing you from someone with whom you’re probably trying to establish intimacy. And ultimately, is it even possible to be truly  “intimate” with someone from whom you’ve hidden important information about yourself?

In ‘Unsuitable Men’, Tracy faces that question, and I revisit it in a different way with Shayla in ‘Secret’. The secrets these women keep are very different, and they do so for different reasons. But what they have in common is that the lengths they go to, the behavior they engage in, to conceal it may have greater reverberations than the secret itself.

I’m open to being convinced otherwise, but at the moment, I have to say, I don’t think some secrets are okay to keep . . .


Seven Days ‘Til ‘Secret’ . . .

ImageThere’s something about countdowns that invoke a mild sense of panic in me. Any countdown, even the one on New Year’s Eve. I don’t know what that’s about, but I am having a similar reaction to the Seven Day Countdown to the release of my new book ‘Secret’. To alleviate that anxiety, I’ve decided to spread what I hope will be cheer. I’m reducing the price of all my other books to $1.99 until Secret’s release day, December 24. The price reduction will be effective immediately and run until December 24.

And if you’ve already read any or all of my books, I am giving away a signed hard copy to anyone who posts a review on Amazon and sends me the link to that review at

And finally, for the next seven days until release day, I’m posting a series of blogs called Secrets We Keep about the dirty little secrets we keep in relationships. Speaking of dirty secrets, you may want to check out Unsuitable Men (and that’s all I’m sayin’).

My first blog in the Secrets We Keep series will be out later today. In the meantime . . .

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!