NEW RELEASE ALERT: ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ -The ‘Shorts’ Book 8

About ‘Not That Kind of Girl’:

“Kate won’t be back ‘til Monday.”

A roommate. Her boyfriend. An irresistible opportunity.

Terri has always been “the quiet one.” People think she’s shy, but she’s really not. She’s pretty enough, and smart enough, she just hasn’t been particularly … remarkable.

Ian on the other hand is remarkable. He’s also Terri’s roommate Kate’s boyfriend. He notices what others do not. He knows Terri’s not shy, and he’s curious about what else she might be. Kate being away for a long weekend, provides the perfect chance for him to find out.

Terri might be into it. A completely unexpected kiss she and Ian shared the week before suggests she will be. Or maybe … she’s just not that kind of girl.