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#HolidayShorts Holdin’ it Down

It's almost 2017! Can you believe it? It's been an incredibly challenging year for me in so many ways. Creatively, I was definitely it was a bit of a nadir while I worked on life stuff. But I feel something more positive around the corner, so I thought I'd drop little hints in this, my… Continue reading #HolidayShorts Holdin’ it Down

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From ‘Because My Heart Said So’

So you may have heard that Jacinta Howard, Rae Lamar, Lily Java and I released a compilation of novellas, under the title 'Because My Heart Said So' this spring. Well, this winter, we're each releasing the full-length novels for the stories started in that book. My contribution, 'Acceptable Losses' is excerpted here. Check it out,… Continue reading From ‘Because My Heart Said So’

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Fall’

From 'The Fall': Tea usually worked to help calm her when her mind was racing, or if she could not sleep. Something like chamomile or peppermint, neither of which she really enjoyed under usual circumstances. But the chamomile didn’t work tonight, and neither did the one very small glass of chardonnay that she had immediately… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Fall’

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Babymaking: A Tracy and Brendan Drop-in

This is an unedited excerpt from a longer piece, coming in 2017: Given that it was almost one a.m., Brendan was sure Tracy had long departed seriously-pissed-off and was somewhere approaching ballistic. But there hadn’t been any way to avoid it. The men he’d been entertaining all evening had flown in from Dubai. They were… Continue reading Babymaking: A Tracy and Brendan Drop-in

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Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

'Mother''Wife' I like to say 'I don't write romance'. And I believe that. But I do write about love, and all its many complications. It's my singular writing ambition, capturing the love of a man for a woman, a woman for a man, a mother for their child, between siblings, and sometimes the fleeting flash of something like… Continue reading Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers


SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’

FROM 'The Education of Miri Acosta': “So, are you going to help me or not?” “Help you with what, Eduardo?” “The social media nonsense.” Miri smiled in spite of her earlier resolution to freeze him out. It was a good thing he couldn’t actually see her smile. It would betray how much of a pushover… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’