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From 'Young, Rich and Black': “Human relationships are complicated,” Rashad said. “You can’t rig that shit. It just happens the way it happens.” Zora said nothing, keeping her hands folded on her lap, listening to him talk. Usually, she loved listening to Shad talk. He had such agency of expression, such complete command of his… Continue reading ** EXCLUSIVE SAMPLE **

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‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

SAMPLE SUNDAY: From 'Young, Rich & Black: An Afterwards Novella' “Didn’t I just see you last night?” Phone up against his ear, Deuce watched from the other side of the barbershop as his father got the finishing touches on his shave. His own haircut had been done for a little while, and when he got… Continue reading ‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

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Sample Sunday: ‘Because My Heart Said So’

  This has been a crazy-exciting week! Along with Jacinta Howard, Lily Java and Rae Lamar, I'm thrilled to announce that our Friends-to-Lovers Collection is available on Amazon for pre-order in advance of our June 15 release date. We're all a little shell-shocked honestly, and hadn't thought too far beyond getting the book written so… Continue reading Sample Sunday: ‘Because My Heart Said So’

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‘The Fall’ – COMING APRIL 20th

A note from the author: You may remember Lorna Terry from my book, 'Commitment'; Riley's mother, the professor who resented her daughter's decision to marry a rapper of all things, but more than that, as a radical feminist sometimes resented the very idea of marriage. Of all the characters I've ever written, Lorna Terry seemed to… Continue reading ‘The Fall’ – COMING APRIL 20th

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Fall’

About the book: In the summer of her fifteenth year as a professor at Gilchrist College, Lorna Terry is at a crossroads and, she fears, also on the downswing of her career as the “sole remaining radical feminist in academia.” Having built her life on a theory of non-attachment, she is disturbed to find herself becoming… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Fall’


Thursday Teaser: Ivy’s League – AVAILABLE NOW.

From 'Ivy's League': “Eli … stop. You know I can’t stay any longer. Your mother’s going to be here any minute with …” Ivy gasped at the sensation as his tongue made contact. She was already incredibly sensitive and a little sore from the night before. But god that felt good … “Eli …” She… Continue reading Thursday Teaser: Ivy’s League – AVAILABLE NOW.

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Come Up’

  From 'The Come Up': Oh god, she was going to die. She was going to just D.I.E. No one could throw up as much as she had and not just keel over and drift into the sweet hereafter. Her stomach felt like it had been literally turned inside out like an old gym sock,… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Come Up’