Who is Dylan Acosta?

Well, first and foremost, she’s the main protagonist in ‘The Seduction of Dylan Acosta’, the book that I’m offering free on Amazon.com until January 9th.

But second, she’s the character I am most conflicted about in anything I’ve ever written. I like to write about women who are flawed, yet strong. Women who make a fair amount of mistakes – as do we all – but who have a core that’s solid and admirable, even if you don’t admire everything they do.

Riley in ‘Commitment’ knew who she was, except in terms of her relationships with men. She understood her own view of the world and politics and was super-intellectual, but where men were concerned, she didn’t know herself very well. She had certain standards for a relationship that it turns out she herself was not meeting, though she didn’t admit it at first. But otherwise she was a woman you could admire, who was strong-willed enough to tame a strong man and bring him to his knees.

And Tracy in ‘Unsuitable Men’ was scarred by her past but managed to hold it together and present a face to the world that was very formidable and even intimidating. Even when she might lose the love of her life, she was aware that she could and would survive it. And Shayla in ‘Secret’ is in every way a survivor. She weathers great trauma and left all who were dear to her rather than accept their defining her as a victim.

But Dylan Acosta. Oh, Dylan. This character is the one that I related to least. She is a bundle of uncertainty and self-doubt, who refuses to accept that she is loved, and seems hell-bent on compromising and thwarting the love she gets from those around her. She self-sabotages constantly, and lights fuses in her own life and is surprised when the bomb goes off. I had a difficult relationship with her. She was like the friend you alternately want to save, and choke to death. The person in your life who so frustrates you that you very deliberately expose yourself to her only in small doses.

I felt about her the way you probably will when you read ‘The Seduction of Dylan Acosta’.  So feel free to let your frustration fly free in your reviews on Amazon . . . or on this page. And tell me: how do you feel reading about characters that you don’t relate to at all? Or if you related to Dylan, how so?