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SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘Young, Rich & Black’

Holding her phone between her shoulder and the side of her head, Zora stuffed her black one-piece swimsuit and a brown viscose skirt into her hobo along with an orange scarf and a long-sleeved beige t-shirt. “You talk to Rashad since you’ve been home?” the voice on the other end of the line asked. “Nope.… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘Young, Rich & Black’

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From 'Young, Rich and Black': “Human relationships are complicated,” Rashad said. “You can’t rig that shit. It just happens the way it happens.” Zora said nothing, keeping her hands folded on her lap, listening to him talk. Usually, she loved listening to Shad talk. He had such agency of expression, such complete command of his… Continue reading ** EXCLUSIVE SAMPLE **

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‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

SAMPLE SUNDAY: From 'Young, Rich & Black: An Afterwards Novella' “Didn’t I just see you last night?” Phone up against his ear, Deuce watched from the other side of the barbershop as his father got the finishing touches on his shave. His own haircut had been done for a little while, and when he got… Continue reading ‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

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“So how’s it goin’, man? I ain’t seen you in a minute.” Chris reached across the table and placed a hand on Deuce’s neck, running it over the top of his son’s head before pulling it back. “You need a haircut.” “I’m good,” Deuce said, ducking away from his father’s touch. The last time he’d… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: Meet Deuce from ‘AFTERBURN’