NEW RELEASE ALERT: ‘Unplanned: A ‘Snowflake’ Drop-in’

The other day, I was re-reading my book ‘Courtship’. I do that sometimes, and it’s usually only after a fair amount of time and distance that I can begin to like what I’ve written, and see it clearly, critique it and acknowledge with a much clearer head what worked and what didn’t. Some readers felt (and said) that they believed there was much more story to tell. I’m not entirely sure yet, but there may be.

And if there is, I think clearly, it will have to be about what comes after courtship: ‘Matrimony’.

‘Unplanned’ is a sneak peek at what a book like that could look like.

And P.S., this drop-in may make no sense to you unless you’ve read both ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Courtship’.



About ‘Unplanned’:

A brief drop-in on the couples from ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Courtship’ …

Ibrahim Carter has a plan; to learn from his family’s mistakes and make for himself and his new wife, Jada, the perfect life he never had. But she has something else entirely in mind.

Kal Carter is disciplined and focused and those things have served him well while training for the Olympics. But in preparing for fatherhood, he learns that neither one of those traits is worth a damn.