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SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘Young, Rich & Black’

Holding her phone between her shoulder and the side of her head, Zora stuffed her black one-piece swimsuit and a brown viscose skirt into her hobo along with an orange scarf and a long-sleeved beige t-shirt. “You talk to Rashad since you’ve been home?” the voice on the other end of the line asked. “Nope.… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘Young, Rich & Black’

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From 'Young, Rich and Black': “Human relationships are complicated,” Rashad said. “You can’t rig that shit. It just happens the way it happens.” Zora said nothing, keeping her hands folded on her lap, listening to him talk. Usually, she loved listening to Shad talk. He had such agency of expression, such complete command of his… Continue reading ** EXCLUSIVE SAMPLE **

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Letting Go #HolidayShorts

  “Will you think about it?” “Yes, I said I would.” Karen heard the strain in her voice. Fearing that she had also been too loud, she glanced worriedly toward the stairs. She didn’t want to wake the kids. The last thing she needed was to have one of them come wandering out and with… Continue reading Letting Go #HolidayShorts

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Come With Me #HolidayShorts

“How long did you say the drive was?” Presley slipped from beneath the sheets as she spoke, and walked naked toward the bathroom. Nate let his eyes follow the side-to-side sway of her retreating ass. Moments later, he heard water running. She was brushing her teeth. With his toothbrush, no doubt. He’d told her a… Continue reading Come With Me #HolidayShorts

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Come Up’

  From 'The Come Up': Oh god, she was going to die. She was going to just D.I.E. No one could throw up as much as she had and not just keel over and drift into the sweet hereafter. Her stomach felt like it had been literally turned inside out like an old gym sock,… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Come Up’

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Come Up’

Makayla Hughes watched from across the club as Jamal Turner glanced at his watch for the third time in as many minutes. In fact, she’d been watching him ever since he entered. It hadn’t been difficult to do since he was about a head taller than most of the other men there. And the way… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Come Up’