Shayla has a secret. She’s a very different woman than the person she used to be three short years ago. That woman is someone she finally feels she’s left behind, someone she never wants to be again. And she’s been doing fine with her plan to reinvent herself. Trey Denison wasn’t going to be even a hiccup in those plans. All she needed from him was an extremely short, extremely hot, purely sexual affair and she had no reason to believe he wouldn’t provide it. After all, that was his specialty. But after launching on a clandestine relationship, it soon becomes clear that they’re both in way over their heads when Trey decides that a “short affair” with Shayla is the last thing he wants . . .


Shayla needs a new place to live. Her current landlord has figured out who she is and she wants to get as far away as possible from all reminders of who she used to be. So she goes to meet with Trey Denison who owns the property she hopes to rent. She knows him from the gym where she works out and he has a reputation for “lovin’ and leavin’ ’em”. But Shayla doesn’t care. The only thing Trey has that she wants is the apartment he’s renting.


She was moving in with Trey Denison. All the women in the gym would be green with envy if they knew she was going to be sharing the same roof as the man they all spent countless hours obsessing about. If she was at all interested, she might join them. But she had to admit, Trey Denison was definitely something to look at. Tall and well-built and with dark, intelligent eyes and a cafe au lait complexion, he was the kind of man who could accurately be described as beautiful; strong, sensual mouth, high-bridged nose and that dark, thick curly hair that looked as soft as a baby’s. The women at the gym rhapsodized about the hair, imagining out loud what it would be like to run their fingers through it.

Shayla wasn’t much into the pretty-boy thing herself but his voice was a deep, rich tone that reminded you that he was all man. If that lawyer gig didn’t work out he could have a great career reading smutty audiobooks for lonely housewives. For the past six months since she’d been in town, she’d noticed him working out, his face a mask of concentration and intensity. Trey rarely socialised in the gym but when he did it was generally with one very specific woman–his flavor of the month–and only for a very short period of time.

Shayla could almost pinpoint the moment she knew he’d decided to sleep with someone, and the moment the affair was over. For a day or two he would spend a little more time talking to the chosen woman at the water cooler, or he might even show her how to use some piece of equipment, gracing her with his smiles, winking at her as he left. And she would smile back and get shy around him, and for a time–usually no more than a week–he might arrive and leave with the lucky girl. And then abruptly, all of that would stop.

One day he would walk in alone, and the poor woman would show up sometime later, or she may have been there earlier. And she would look at him with hopeful eyes while he completely ignored her, or worse yet, gave her a brief distant smile and continued his workout routine. Shayla watched these exchanges with interest and amusement, wondering how it was that women just kept lining up to be humiliated in this way. But line up they did. Olympus Sports Club was practically a smorgasbord for Trey Denison. All he had to do was indicate interest and he could sample just about anyone on the menu.

Except for Shayla of course. She knew all about guys like him; had intimate knowledge of men like Trey Denison, that was for sure. Living under his roof, Shayla would get to see the countless walks of shame as women skulked out in the early hours of the morning after he did unspeakable things to them no doubt. It would be entertaining.

4 thoughts on “Secret

  1. AMAZON is not showing parts 1&2 of this series. I have tried other providers who take me to other books, not yours. Homesteads gave me numerous providers, but they all wind up with something else. I have become a voracious reader of your books. I have you and Brenda Jackson at the top of my list in first place.

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