Outtakes and Drop-ins

So here’s the ugly truth: there are some characters who I’m very, very unlikely to write another entire book about. As much as I love them, and as much as I love that YOU love them, I feel like a prolonged revisiting of their lives would do them — and you — an injustice.

But . . . occasionally, there are moments that didn’t make it into the final book that I wouldn’t mind sharing. Those are the Outtakes. And then there are other moments that come to me in my sleep or while I’m in the lounge of an airport for one of my all-too-frequent business trips where I see a moment, an exchange between friends, parents and children, husband and wife that pulls me back into the lives of characters I’ve moved on from, and I feel compelled to write those moments. Those are the Drop-ins.

So to introduce this new series of shorts, I give you one of each.

In the first drop-in The Haircut Shawn and Riley, from Commitment prepare for a rite of passage for their son. This one was inspired by a scene I witnessed of a little boy hugging his father’s leg in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. Not only was the scene incredibly heartwarming, but it reminded me of the emails I get from so many of you, curious to see more of Shawn in his role as father and husband. So this one’s for you . . .

The first outtake, Christmas Eve is a portion of The Seduction of Dylan Acosta that didn’t make it into the final book. It was really important to me to show the development of a closeness between Dylan and Mark’s family and to contrast that with her distance from her own mother. This scene was about that contrast.

In Call Me, an outtake from Secret, this is an alternate version of the confrontation that led to Shayla finally telling Trey why she was so guarded. I eventually decided not to use it because I thought the scene was better told from Trey’s point of view. This version is told from Shayla’s viewpoint though it starts with Trey learning from Darren that Shayla has come to him in a time of crisis.

In Next Door, a drop-in on the characters from Commitment, a lonely neighbor recognizes the happy family next door.

In Lifted, a drop-in on Tessa from Secret and The Art of Endings,change is on the way when she meets someone who–though she doesn’t know it–is going to become a very important part of her life.

Be sure to also check out my Solos, standalone shorts that may, or may not become full-length novels.

And finally, my very special collaboration, the Duets, with author Christopher Bynum aka ‘The Black’.

15 thoughts on “Outtakes and Drop-ins

  1. This is really good Nia you made me laugh this morning I remember my sons fist haircut it was just like you wrote it here.

  2. YES!!! Love, love, Shawn and Riley. So I don’t know what you’re talking about an injustice in revisiting them. The injustice would be in NOT revisiting them. And as long as you keep allowing little snippets of them here and there, you’ll remain my fave author :).

  3. I’m so in love with Shawn & Riley!! Enjoyed “The Haircut”, it was such a teaser. Yearning to read more about this family. You are the best. I pray for you continued blessings and inspirations.

  4. I love the drop-ins! Do you think we will ever hear the story of when Riley Shawn she was pregnant? I’d love to hear that. They are still my favorite couple– I honestly feel like I know them!

  5. Nia, I was thinking about this the other day. I wondered if after reading Afterburn would you continue with Chris and Robyn’s story, even though I know that you said you wouldn’t. After reading their story I just hoped that we’d maybe see more but reading your explanation of not going any further with some of your character’s I get it now. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, but I don’t doubt your writing skills, so I know that if you decided to continue it would be worth it.

  6. This was just enough!!…like a snack after dinner a real good piece of red velvet cake that just hits the spot. Enjoyed this quick read very much! You are the bestest!!

  7. Thanks for Spencer in the Lover. A man to be trusted and depended upon. And Ryann was so true. I love this story.

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