Before and after her run-in with Shawn from ‘Commitment‘, Keisha had her own story. This is it . . .

Keisha Crawford is at a crossroads. Just when she thought she’d finally risen above the scandal in her past, her latest “sugar daddy” passes away, and now she’s being evicted from the luxury penthouse she thought was hers. Slinking home to her father’s house with her tail between her legs, Keisha’s only goal is to get out of Brooklyn and back to the lifestyle that she’s become accustomed to. But when you go home again, it’s that much harder to let go of the person you used to be.


Before she left, Keisha looked around and dug through the apartment and found another three hundred and eighty dollars stashed in various purses, coats and drawers. She never realized until then just how immaterial cash had become to her over the past couple of years. She never needed it—Charlie paid all her bills, took her out for delicious meals, and for when she stayed home, made a charge account at the gourmet grocery and other stores available to her so she could order in.

A car service picked her up for her appointments and dropped her off when she was done, and if she made plans with friends, Charlie often took care of that too. The only thing she was denied was other men. Early on in their relationship, when he’d just moved her into an apartment, before he got the penthouse, Charlie asked if she had a boyfriend.

“You,” Keisha replied right away.

They were in bed, and he was on top of her, his face damp with perspiration, his wet, cold penis resting on her thigh after they’d done it. Charlie had looked at her with his head tilted to one side. His eyes an icy blue, his skin tan from the tanning bed. She raised a hand and ran her fingers through the thinning and graying hair atop his head.

“C’mon, Keisha. You don’t have to play me. I know a pretty, young girl like you must have men all over you all the time.”

“Maybe I do. But I’m a one-man woman, Charlie. And you’re my man.”

She didn’t even have to think about it anymore before she could spit out lines like that. It just came naturally to her when dealing with men like Charlie. The funny thing was, they knew you were lying to them, but they still wanted you to do it.

Charlie had rolled off her and headed toward the bathroom, Keisha averting her eyes from his pale, flaccid ass.

“Just the same, I’d be more comfortable if I sent you to a gynecologist of my choice. Got you checked out. And then started on those shots.”

The shots he was talking about was Depo. And Keisha was already on them, because she had no intention of ever becoming a mother. And because her own gynecologist had outright refused to tie her tubes, insisting that she was far too young to make that decision. Whatever. She may only be twenty-three, but she knew her own mind, especially when it came to the subject of kids.

“And if you do have a boyfriend,” Charlie had called from the bathroom over the sound of the shower he’d just started, “get rid of him. I don’t share my property.”

Charlie calling her his “property” had made her feel badly, but she swallowed it. Things could be a lot worse. Like some of the dumb-ass girls she knew who chased after rappers and ballers. Not only weren’t those dudes trying to set their chick up with her own place and treat her like a queen, most of them only thought they were rich and were one injury away from being a broke-ass. The most she had ever known those girls to get from their married ballers was a car, courtside seats and the occasional piece of jewelry.

True, there was Chantal. The one exception that Keisha knew of.

Chantal had married a Knicks player after being his chick on the side for three years. Against all odds and prior experience, he had left his wife, a somewhat ordinary-looking high school sweetheart type, and married Chantal a few months after the divorce was final.

So of course Chantal had been the object of envy for many of the other girls for awhile, especially when her picture started showing up in papers around town with her husband, attending events with Shaq and Carmelo Anthony. But Keisha happened to know that Chantal’s husband’s contract wasn’t among the most lucrative in the league; not even in the top 100. What he would make in ten years, Charlie made in one. So all things considered, while Chantal could be considered a success story, Keisha contented herself with the knowledge that even without the honorific of ‘wife’, she could probably outspend Chantal any day of the week, and Charlie wouldn’t even have bat an eyelid.

14 thoughts on “Mistress

  1. OMG…Nia, you know I am a avid reader and fan of yours. How did I let this book slip by? I just bought this and plan to settle down and read this as soon as I get home from work.

      1. So I grabbed my ipad and a glass of wine because I just knew! Mistress was soooo good. It left so many questions so knowing your style of writing I’m sure it will be a follow-up to this book. In Committment I wanted to hate Keisha but in this book I found myself hoping she found love and started loving herself. You are such a great writer, its always a story behind your characters that will draw you in and never let go. I know the follow up book has to expand on repairing the relationship with her dad, the drama with Toni and most importantly the bond between Keisha and Jayson. I cant wait….

  2. Nia, I have never written a critique or comment about a book or an author before but I would be seriously amiss if I didn’t for you. I am an avid reader; about 2 to 3 books a week and you have quickly become my favorite author! They way your characters develop and unfold, flaws and all truly makes me feel like I am reading about someone I personally know. You draw us in and make us invested in each character’s pains and triumphs. That is rare gift that you have. As someone who has desires to be a romance writer you show me that the story doesn’t always have to be sweet and pretty to be beautiful and insightful. I can’t wait for your next release no matter what the story line!


    1. Thank you, Patte! And I’m so much more flattered because you don’t generally send comments to authors AND are an author yourself. I’m glad you enjoy my work and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future.

      1. Hi Nia,

        Thanks to you and your ability to inspire me I have submitted my story to So You Think You Can Write. The title is The Destiny of Love. I would love if you could read it and give me your feedback!

  3. Just finished reading Mistress. Nia, this book is so good. I went on Amazon and gave it (a well deserved) five-star rating. After reading Commitment, I was prepared to dislike Keisha. But in her story, Mistress, she comes across as such a sympathetic character–not likable–but sympathetic nonetheless. I wish the book was longer so we could get more into the relationship with her father, how she started choosing older white men, the HEA of her and Jayson. I loved the details on her version/reasoning of the K-Smooth debacle. She owes that man an apology! 🙂 I’m not sure that she deserves such a good guy as Jayson but what is clear: no person is all good or all bad; they are a composite of their life choices. And anyone can change.

    Great job, Nia Forrester! Anxiously awaiting Chris’ story…

  4. Nia I didn’t want to read Mistress I battled with myself and I lost! Lol! I really enjoyed the book! I know that you aren’t finish Keisha and Jayson! I love Jayson he’s exactly what Keisha needs! So I’ll wait for their Happily Ever After Book! I just hope it won’t be to long! Great Job! Great Book! Keep It Coming!

  5. I will admit to being hesitant to read this – Keisha was not my favorite person. But I am so glad that I gave it a try! The last scene right before the Epilogue was so touching. I can’t wait to see what happens with Keisha and Jayson. (I won’t have to wait too long I hope . :-))

  6. Please please is there any way I can read this book series for free..? I wanna read these 3 books so bad. I’m so in love with the summary and have been looking for free epub ebooks for AGES but no site offers this series. I wish I had money to buy if I had I would have already read this amazing story.

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