6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Nia,
    I was browsing through the books on Amazon and came across your name. I have read the Commiment series, Afterwards and Afterburn, and The Come Up. I absolutely loved each book! Thank u for writing about relationships that are beautiful, but sometimes stormy. The characters have it together, yet there are issues and baggage. You keep it real! Your books have made me laugh, stay up way past my bedtime and sigh with a feeling of sadness when I get to the last page.
    Ms.Forrester, I am a fan for life!


    PS. Starting the “Mistress” trilogy tonight.

  2. Hello Ms. Nia Read The Come Up x2. I’m in love with Jamal. I’ve read all your books and love your style of writing. The die hard fans will need a fix in a little while. Keep up the good work. God Bless!!

  3. Hi Nia,

    I have no words! You are incredible….I just discovered your writing a few days ago and have finished seven books! I did get ahead of myself, I’m trying to go back and read the books in order, however some of the books on Amazon with my Kindle-Unlimited I can not purchase, is there any other way to get the books? I am completely addicted now and need my fix!

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