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Babymaking: A Tracy and Brendan Drop-in

This is an unedited excerpt from a longer piece, coming in 2017: Given that it was almost one a.m., Brendan was sure Tracy had long departed seriously-pissed-off and was somewhere approaching ballistic. But there hadn’t been any way to avoid it. The men he’d been entertaining all evening had flown in from Dubai. They were… Continue reading Babymaking: A Tracy and Brendan Drop-in

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Perfect Romance

I tried to write 'perfect romance' but don't know how . . . Now that 'Maybe Never' is done, and I've had some time to sit with it, I have to admit it was hard to let Brendan and Tracy go. When I first wrote about them in 'Commitment', they weren't a couple and only… Continue reading Perfect Romance

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Pssst . . . Tell a Friend: ‘Unsuitable Men’ is Free Today!

Don't you hate it when you read a book and realize it's part of a series and you missed an entire installment that may have come before? I know I do, so I strive to make every single one of my books stand on their own. Even if you didn't read what came before, or… Continue reading Pssst . . . Tell a Friend: ‘Unsuitable Men’ is Free Today!

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Breaking Through

The messiest of love stories to be found in any of my books, hands down, is the love story between Brendan and Tracy in 'Unsuitable Men'. Tracy is beautiful on the outside, but feels ugly inside. She can't love herself, and she can't accept the love of a good man, Brendan, because she fundamentally doesn't… Continue reading Breaking Through

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Messy Love

We say we want our love 'clean' and 'drama-free',  but I'm not sure I buy it. The big loves, the intense loves, the messy loves. Those are the ones we remember . . . This month in honor of Valentine's Day, I'm going to be posting about messy love - you know the kind I… Continue reading Messy Love

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Secrets We Keep: Are Some Secrets Okay to Keep?

I told a friend I was beginning a series of blogs about secrets we keep in relationships and told her the title of the series was 'Secrets We Keep'. And her response was, "Why not just call it, 'Lies We Tell'?" To her, it's the same thing. I began by voicing my very, very strong… Continue reading Secrets We Keep: Are Some Secrets Okay to Keep?