Get to know Tracy . . .

From UNSUITABLE MEN: Tracy leaned forward a little from her vantage point in one of the semi-private VIP areas and watched as Brendan grinned one of his signature grins at some woman in a white bodysuit. Anyone who wore a white bodysuit in a club that had black lighting was just an exhibitionist plain and… Continue reading Get to know Tracy . . .


Get to know Keisha . . .

From COMMITMENT: “What’s your name?” he asked her. “Keisha. I’m Mike’s cousin.” He held out a hand and she took it, holding it a little longer than was necessary, letting go one finger at a time. “So I heard you was filming a video next week,” she said. “In the Bronx?” So that’s what this… Continue reading Get to know Keisha . . .

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Get to know Shawn . . .

From COMMITMENT: “What is this all about?” she finally asked now, her voice quiet. She set aside her knife and fork and rested her hands on the table as though preparing for a negotiation. “What is this ab . . ? Riley I just think we should get married, that’s all.” She swallowed. “That’s all?”… Continue reading Get to know Shawn . . .