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Nia’s January Must Read: ‘Love Is’ by Tia Kelly

  'Love Is' opens with the very ambitious, goal-oriented and purpose-driven Diane Collins in an airport, waiting for a flight after having just endured an interview for a job that is well beneath her abilities and her lofty expectations for herself. She's got huge plans, but knows that the job, however lacking, could be a stepping… Continue reading Nia’s January Must Read: ‘Love Is’ by Tia Kelly

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Don’t Tie Me Up – A Review of ‘Black Satin’ by The Black

This may be TMI, but here it is: I like vanilla sex. No, love. I love vanilla sex. I don't need you to tie me up, attach clamps to my naughty bits or whip me with anything. With a partner to whom I feel connected in the head and (sometimes) heart, I'm apt to enjoy… Continue reading Don’t Tie Me Up – A Review of ‘Black Satin’ by The Black

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Nia Plays Nice

I've never taken a poll or anything, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most writers are solitary creatures. We spend a lot of time inside our own heads to get our work done, so (speaking for myself here) conversations with real, live human beings can sometimes feel burdensome. Imagine… Continue reading Nia Plays Nice

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Unbridled Romance

Some writers elevate the romance novel to a form that makes you eschew gritty reality in favor of something so much sweeter . . . Now I'm not your romantic type. Honest, I'm not. I still stifle the urge to correct people when they refer to my work as romance novels. Not that I've got… Continue reading Unbridled Romance

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Off the Grid

I've been a little quieter than usual lately, and have been trying to diagnose why. Could it be the weather, a new person in my life, or the mild writing slump I've been feeling? But whatever the reason, it got me thinking about whether it might not be better for writers to sometimes go off… Continue reading Off the Grid

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Messy Love

We say we want our love 'clean' and 'drama-free',  but I'm not sure I buy it. The big loves, the intense loves, the messy loves. Those are the ones we remember . . . This month in honor of Valentine's Day, I'm going to be posting about messy love - you know the kind I… Continue reading Messy Love

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Being Earnest

Last weekend, I went to a very interesting gathering of women to discuss themes that appear in my books, and other issues of concern . . . I wanted to title this blog 'The Importance of Being Earnest' as a play on Oscar Wilde's great work of that name but then I realized that may… Continue reading Being Earnest