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The After-Words

From 'Afterwards': "Things between them had been frustrating, but if he didn’t sleep with her he didn’t have to worry about the afterwards, the after-words, the explaining that inevitably came when a woman assumed too much . . ." Just wanted to drop a line to thank everyone for their support of 'Afterwards' which has… Continue reading The After-Words

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Paying it Forward . . . The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I'd never heard of a "blog hop" before today, but here's the deal: I was tagged by author, M.J. Kane, in her blog which answered 10 questions about "the next big thing" she's working on, She'd been tagged by another writer. At the end of this blog (which will answer the 10 questions) I will… Continue reading Paying it Forward . . . The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

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‘Secret’ Release Day!

Whew. It's here! The release day for 'Secret'. All the levers have been pulled and it will go live on Amazon sometime today. I spent the last several days agonizing because it's so different from anything else I've written in that it's not pure romance, not chick-lit and in some ways lacks a genre. Still… Continue reading ‘Secret’ Release Day!

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I've been reading a lot lately. Most of it from the genre that I write, some of it very different. And I think it's had an interesting side-effect. For a little while, it made me forget my voice. Some writers have a very strong voice - you read their stuff and you know who it… Continue reading Voice

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Bad Girls

There's something about writing about "bad girls" that excites and interests me. The motivations, the compulsions, the experiences of women who are not examples of the feminine ideal awakens my imagination in a way that writing about "good girls" does not. It probably has something to do with my Catholic girls' school upbringing where I… Continue reading Bad Girls

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Unsuitable Men – AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon

Ah, technology. After many fits and starts, Amazon has finally uploaded 'Unsuitable Men' and it is available for purchase now. The book details and description on Amazon indicate that it is an excerpt and 38 pages long. Those details are incorrect and are residuals from when only the excerpt was available. Amazon is working to… Continue reading Unsuitable Men – AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon