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SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘Young, Rich & Black’

Holding her phone between her shoulder and the side of her head, Zora stuffed her black one-piece swimsuit and a brown viscose skirt into her hobo along with an orange scarf and a long-sleeved beige t-shirt. “You talk to Rashad since you’ve been home?” the voice on the other end of the line asked. “Nope.… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘Young, Rich & Black’

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‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

SAMPLE SUNDAY: From 'Young, Rich & Black: An Afterwards Novella' “Didn’t I just see you last night?” Phone up against his ear, Deuce watched from the other side of the barbershop as his father got the finishing touches on his shave. His own haircut had been done for a little while, and when he got… Continue reading ‘Young, Rich & Black’: An Afterwards Novella

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Sample Sunday: ‘Because My Heart Said So’

  This has been a crazy-exciting week! Along with Jacinta Howard, Lily Java and Rae Lamar, I'm thrilled to announce that our Friends-to-Lovers Collection is available on Amazon for pre-order in advance of our June 15 release date. We're all a little shell-shocked honestly, and hadn't thought too far beyond getting the book written so… Continue reading Sample Sunday: ‘Because My Heart Said So’

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Fall’

From 'The Fall': Tea usually worked to help calm her when her mind was racing, or if she could not sleep. Something like chamomile or peppermint, neither of which she really enjoyed under usual circumstances. But the chamomile didn’t work tonight, and neither did the one very small glass of chardonnay that she had immediately… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘The Fall’

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Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

'Mother''Wife' I like to say 'I don't write romance'. And I believe that. But I do write about love, and all its many complications. It's my singular writing ambition, capturing the love of a man for a woman, a woman for a man, a mother for their child, between siblings, and sometimes the fleeting flash of something like… Continue reading Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

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SAMPLE(S) SUNDAY: ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’ and ‘Ivy’s League’

I like to write about women, figuring out who they are and what their "stuff" is. You know what I mean, right? The things that drive them, the things that hold them back, the things that block them from having the kind of life they deserve. That's it. If I had to sum up the… Continue reading SAMPLE(S) SUNDAY: ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’ and ‘Ivy’s League’

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SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Mother’

From 'Mother': Jay turned in search of Rob again and instead his eyes met Betty’s. She was alone, so he went to her. “You’re such a man,” she said when he was directly in front of her. “Thank you?” Betty laughed. “No, I mean you were standing there looking so oppressed for having to be here… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Mother’