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Review: ‘Ribbons & Belle’

Oh, I've been around. Doing this and that, more related to life than to writing. But I am back in the saddle and recalibrating my release dates, so stay tuned! One of the things that gets me back into that creative space is communing with other creatives and with their creations. This one, 'Ribbons &… Continue reading Review: ‘Ribbons & Belle’

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‘2 Writers, 1 Book’ Review Site Launched!

MANIC MONDAY: Nia Forrester and Tia Kelly have a new blog thoroughly reviewing books that we've read. Our site is a work in progress, but we'd love for you to follow us! This month's 'Must Read' - Walter Mosley's 'Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore'… check out our blog to find out why!

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Don’t Tie Me Up – A Review of ‘Black Satin’ by The Black

This may be TMI, but here it is: I like vanilla sex. No, love. I love vanilla sex. I don't need you to tie me up, attach clamps to my naughty bits or whip me with anything. With a partner to whom I feel connected in the head and (sometimes) heart, I'm apt to enjoy… Continue reading Don’t Tie Me Up – A Review of ‘Black Satin’ by The Black

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Blog Stop: Madeline Hampton, author of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones’

UPDATE: Check out my review here! Today I'm pleased to host Madeline Hampton, author of the romantic suspense novel, Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones. If you like your romance, with a little bit of action and intrigue thrown in, this is one to check out! Here's what goes down in Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones: Prosecuting attorney… Continue reading Blog Stop: Madeline Hampton, author of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones’

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Unbridled Romance

Some writers elevate the romance novel to a form that makes you eschew gritty reality in favor of something so much sweeter . . . Now I'm not your romantic type. Honest, I'm not. I still stifle the urge to correct people when they refer to my work as romance novels. Not that I've got… Continue reading Unbridled Romance

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Review of ‘Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever’

Books are like movies. There's rarely ever a new plot out there. In fact, every single book ever written is probably a variation of one of five basic plots, in my opinion. So it takes some skill to make what you write seem like something completely new. It takes even more skill to pull off… Continue reading Review of ‘Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever’