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Voice Part V

If you grew up in the '80s, a lot of this book will resonate. 'Story of My Life' is about a disaffected, privileged young woman who lives in NYC, and has everything she needs in a material sense, but a distant relationship from her parents who substitute money for their love and attention. Throughout the… Continue reading Voice Part V

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Evocative Writing

Going through the books I've read and rated (a part of my quest to identify all the books I ever read), I noticed something interesting. I give many five star ratings. I don't think it's because every single one of those writers wrote a perfect book - whatever that is - but it has more to… Continue reading Evocative Writing

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Emotional vs. Physical Infidelity?

My friends and I have an ongoing debate about the relative weight that we place on emotional versus physical infidelity. The central question goes something like this: if you were to discover that your partner was having many intense, deep and searching conversations with someone else, sharing their innermost thoughts and yet honestly hadn't ever… Continue reading Emotional vs. Physical Infidelity?

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Going Home Again

They say you can't do it: go home again, I mean. It's a saying I never quite understood. I think it means that memory is flawed and what we remember about safe and familiar places is never what was. And even if  what we remember is accurate, we can't  re-create it. One of the most… Continue reading Going Home Again

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The Empowering Character Arc

Well worth the read.

Screenwriter On Location

What is a character arc?

A Character Arc could also be described as the journey.  Remember, every protagonist must have a journey that they experience throughout the storyline.  Sometimes, it can be seen in the development of their character or personality they experience.  Some examples of this are frequently seen in the aspects of their persona—emotional, physical or psychological.

Why does a character need an arc?

A character arc helps to create believable characters that will always have universal appeal.  Without an arc, the character might not be convincing or interesting and could loose the audience.  The lead character must go on some kind of transformational journey.  If you want your audience to identify with your protagonist, create a complex journey for them to take.  Make him or her human.  Ask and answer questions like:  What is the their goal?  Define if it’s emotional or physical.  What do they want…

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Stealing Words

You've probably heard all about the kerfuffle last week when Jonah Lehrer, a talented, young writer resigned from The New Yorker after admitting that he'd fabricated quotes attributed to Bob Dylan, patching together pieces of quotes others had gotten the old-fashioned way. Apparently, this wasn't his first infraction, and Lehrer had previously been given a… Continue reading Stealing Words

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More, more, more: A Word on Sequels and Trilogies

I've never been a fan of the sequel, and even less so of trilogies. In fact, with the exception of J.R.R. Tolkien and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I'm not sure it's ever been done well. So with that said, it will probably come as no surprise that the recent rash of romance and erotica trilogies… Continue reading More, more, more: A Word on Sequels and Trilogies