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Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

'Mother''Wife' I like to say 'I don't write romance'. And I believe that. But I do write about love, and all its many complications. It's my singular writing ambition, capturing the love of a man for a woman, a woman for a man, a mother for their child, between siblings, and sometimes the fleeting flash of something like… Continue reading Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

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SAMPLE(S) SUNDAY: ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’ and ‘Ivy’s League’

I like to write about women, figuring out who they are and what their "stuff" is. You know what I mean, right? The things that drive them, the things that hold them back, the things that block them from having the kind of life they deserve. That's it. If I had to sum up the… Continue reading SAMPLE(S) SUNDAY: ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’ and ‘Ivy’s League’


What Had Happened Was …

So you may or may not have noticed that I've been away for a while. Not literally, but figuratively. I haven't blogged, haven't done as much online promotion of my work, and definitely haven't been writing with the same regularity. Instead I've been reading, working, falling in love with my partner and out again, and… Continue reading What Had Happened Was …

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BLOG STOP: Jacinta Howard, author of ‘Less Than Forever’

Jacinta Howard has been a favorite of mine since I read 'Better Than Okay' and I've read everything of hers since. Her novels are populated with young, hip, urban professionals trying to make sense of life and love, making mistakes and eventually finding their way. I credit her work with helping remind me why I… Continue reading BLOG STOP: Jacinta Howard, author of ‘Less Than Forever’

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Evolution & Completion

I didn't expect to feel this way. Letting a character go, 'finishing' their story and moving on to the next is usually every easy for me. By the time I kick them out of my head and write 'THE END' I'm a little bit glad to see them go. Like a parent sending their kid… Continue reading Evolution & Completion

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The Writing Process Blog Tour

I got tagged by Kim Golden, author of 'Maybe Baby', and 'Snowbound', two great books I read this year, to participate in a blog tour of writers, discussing their "process". Now if you've spent any time on my blog at all, you'll know that I love, love, LOVE talking about my "process." Such as it… Continue reading The Writing Process Blog Tour

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The Writer’s Dilemma

When I was a kid, people used to call me shy. And for awhile, I believed them, because what did I know? I was a kid! But as I grew older, I realized that while shyness connoted fear, or trepidation being around groups of people, what I knew about myself was very different. People didn't… Continue reading The Writer’s Dilemma