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#HolidayShorts Holdin’ it Down

It's almost 2017! Can you believe it? It's been an incredibly challenging year for me in so many ways. Creatively, I was definitely it was a bit of a nadir while I worked on life stuff. But I feel something more positive around the corner, so I thought I'd drop little hints in this, my… Continue reading #HolidayShorts Holdin’ it Down

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Letting Go #HolidayShorts

  “Will you think about it?” “Yes, I said I would.” Karen heard the strain in her voice. Fearing that she had also been too loud, she glanced worriedly toward the stairs. She didn’t want to wake the kids. The last thing she needed was to have one of them come wandering out and with… Continue reading Letting Go #HolidayShorts

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Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

'Mother''Wife' I like to say 'I don't write romance'. And I believe that. But I do write about love, and all its many complications. It's my singular writing ambition, capturing the love of a man for a woman, a woman for a man, a mother for their child, between siblings, and sometimes the fleeting flash of something like… Continue reading Love Bites: A little somehing for my readers

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NOT-SUNDAY SAMPLE: From ‘In the Nothing’

This is my new adult offering, that I've been working on for what seems like AGES. It's about a young woman struggling to find her place in the world after her mother dies, and she is faced with the prospect of being kicked out of the home of her her aunt, who is her reluctant… Continue reading NOT-SUNDAY SAMPLE: From ‘In the Nothing’

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  “Have you ever … been with a guy?” Anzu’s gaze lifted from her nails to Tessa’s face. “Lots. Why?” “Lots? Is that what you just said? Lots?” Anzu shrugged. “Yeah. But that was a long time ago.” “You never told me …” “It’s not the kind of thing that comes up in casual conversation,… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘LIFTED’ COMING SEPT. 15

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Read ‘The Engagement Season’ from Tia Kelly BEFORE it Goes on Sale!

Tia Kelly just launched a pop up bookstore where you can read her latest novel 'The Engagement Season' for FREE! How does a pop up bookstore work? It's like a free web series. Between January 21 - February 9, on select days, a new chapter(s) of 'The Engagement Season' will be available online to read for… Continue reading Read ‘The Engagement Season’ from Tia Kelly BEFORE it Goes on Sale!

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Robyn stopped next to a pink one with white and silver trim, turning to smile again at Chris who was standing a few feet behind her, watching her peruse the evidence of his youthful stupidity. “This looks like a woman chose it,” she said. “Probably,” Chris shrugged. “I can’t remember where most of them came… Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY — From ‘Afterwards’ COMING SOON!