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Review: ‘Ribbons & Belle’

Oh, I've been around. Doing this and that, more related to life than to writing. But I am back in the saddle and recalibrating my release dates, so stay tuned! One of the things that gets me back into that creative space is communing with other creatives and with their creations. This one, 'Ribbons &… Continue reading Review: ‘Ribbons & Belle’

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Lily’s Path to More

Over the past three weeks, you’ve gotten acquainted with three of the writers from my upcoming collaboration, ‘Because My Heart Said So’. One by one, Jacinta Howard, Rae Lamar and I have submitted to the inquisition of the author who has played the role of project manager, house-mother and general herder-of-the-cats, Lily Java. Sure, she… Continue reading Lily’s Path to More

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‘Because My Heart Said So…’ – A Friends-to-Lovers Collection

This is going to be one of the coolest things I get to do this year, for sure. I'm collaborating with three of my favorite indie authors, Jacinta Howard, Rae Lamar and Lily Java to bring you 'Because My Heart Said So ...' a collection of four Friends-to-Lovers novels to be released in June. Until… Continue reading ‘Because My Heart Said So…’ – A Friends-to-Lovers Collection

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‘Women: Withstanding All’ is AVAILABLE NOW!

So, it's RELEASE DAY for 'Women: Withstanding All' the anthology developed for Women's History Month that features 14 women writers of disparate genres, including me. Get your copy, and then please leave a review. But if you need persuading, read the excerpt below from my writer-friend Lily Java! Excerpt from: 'Lucky Penny' by Lily Java (Mother)… Continue reading ‘Women: Withstanding All’ is AVAILABLE NOW!

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Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Angelia Vernon Menchan

This contribution to the anthology is from a writer-friend of mine, the very prolific Angelia Vernon Menchan. Her work features amazing slices of life in small but satisfying bites. Check her out here on Amazon, and then read her excerpt below ... From "I Want You ... And My Career', a short in the Women:… Continue reading Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Nia’s January Must Read: ‘Love Is’ by Tia Kelly

  'Love Is' opens with the very ambitious, goal-oriented and purpose-driven Diane Collins in an airport, waiting for a flight after having just endured an interview for a job that is well beneath her abilities and her lofty expectations for herself. She's got huge plans, but knows that the job, however lacking, could be a stepping… Continue reading Nia’s January Must Read: ‘Love Is’ by Tia Kelly