What Nia Read

Just a quick word on my reviews of other people’s work. I have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone who takes the leap by putting words to the page. I know from firsthand experience that it’s tough to do; and for the most part, writers enjoy getting feedback if it’s: 1) true, 2) kind; and 3) constructive. So those are my only guidelines when I’m reviewing books by other authors. And as for the star-rating system, I should say to folks who might be influenced by my ratings that I am not giving you a warranty that a five-star rating is a perfect book, just that my own enjoyment of it was complete, and I wasn’t left with any sense of dissatisfaction.

The content of my reviews will tell you a little bit about what I value in books: evidence of good wordsmithing, realistic nature of characters and situations, strong sense of place, and a believable plot. I will mention but not slam writers for having editing issues (the self-pub game is still fairly new, lots of writers – myself included – are in the beta phase) because I think it’s important to some people.

And I’ll always try to focus on those things I think are important to most writers: what made you love it? what made you not love it? what could I have done differently that would have made you love it? Is there anything that would make you want to read my work again, or not?

And as always, I’m happy to hear what you thought – about these books or any other!

Happy Reading!

Reviews 2013

Reviews 2014

Reviews 2015

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