About Me

I live in Philadelphia, PA where by day I am a public policy attorney, spending much of my time mining my experiences for stuff to write about. I like to think I speak directly to the experiences of women of color who don’t fit the mold and don’t see themselves represented in gritty urban fiction, but who occasionally want to read something a little more accessible than the lyrical but complex prose of some of our best poets and writers. 

I used to think a writer was someone who’d gotten a book deal and was able to spend their entire day working on their next novel. And as I grew my career in Washington DC, making money but not much from my writing, I decided to define myself in other terms: lawyer, wife, mother . . .

But the truth is, through all of that, and even long before, I was a writer. I wrote my first poem when I was four years old. In high school I filled notebooks with stories, sharing them with friends and classmates. And I remember being tortured during law school because I had to choose between writing fiction or reading cases.

Now I realize that ‘writer’ is not a profession for me, but an identity. I can’t recall a single experience I’ve had that I didn’t look at from the outside, trying to imagine how I might use it in my writing later. ‘Writer’ is not what I do, it is what I am. I hope that my work speaks to you.

Email me at authorniaforrester@gmail.com and I will answer.

43 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just want to tell you that I read your first 2 books this week and LOVED them! Both stories drew me in from the first page and I literally could not put either one of them down. Loved, loved, loved Riley, Shawn, Brendan and Tracy – issues and all.

    You are a very talented writer and I wish you much success!

    Now, on to Secrets!


    P.S. I’m super-excited to learn that Chris is going to be getting his own story. I. Can’t. Wait!

  2. I have not been in love with a writer since j. california cooper. Your work is amazing. I am in love with Shawn and Riley. They are the blueprint……I have not seen a writer who can detail love and romance in a way that is not trashy or vulgar. Im proud of you and you have a supporter for life. Keep the Shawn and Riley books coming…PLEASE……………….PLEASE…..

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. To be mentioned in the same breath as J. California Cooper?? Are you kidding me! I’m incredibly flattered and will keep the books coming for sure. As for Shawn and RIley . . ? Hmmm. Have your read Unsuitable Men? They’re in that one as well . . .

  3. LOVE LOVE your stories! Secrets was my first one and I am on to the others…. wrote a review on Amazon and letting everyone I know who reads about you! You have a gift…keep them coming!! Like your website….easy to navigate and pretty too! 🙂

  4. I just finished reading Unsuitable Men and Maybe Never. Can I say love, love, love Brendan and Tracy! I love the rawness and the realness of their relationship! And though, some of the language makes me blush at times, it speaks to the woman in me that says sometimes, we women need and want to hear that! It’s the swag of the black men that can tell us “you make me so f***ing crazy” to “you are so beautiful” that makes them desireable to other races. So please keep them coming and kudos sistah girl!

  5. I really like you books, especially Commitment, Unsuitable Men, and Maybe Never. I think you should right a story about Chris Scaife. 🙂

  6. I LOVE your writing. I have purchased all but one of your books (“The Seduction of Dylan Acosta” is last on the list) and will happily stalk the blog for the “Afterwards” release date. 🙂

    Have you thought about writing a solo about Keisha? I’m curious about what she was thinking throughout her pursuit of Shawn, what her people were telling her before, during, and after the grand jury proceedings, her discussions with her cousin, etc.

    Keep creating great work!! When will “Afterwards” be released? 🙂


    1. That’s an excellent idea about Keisha! I am going to think about that. She is an interesting character and getting into her head would be fun. Thanks for the inspiration, and thank you for your kind words about my books.

  7. Hello Ms. Nia Forrester. I’m a HUGE fan …almost to the point of obsession. I honestly felt, especially in ‘Afterwards’ you were taking snippets from my life story. I have so many Chris Scaifes in my life, I kept a grin on my face every time he did or said something that read so familiar. Your characters have so much depth and texture that I couldn’t wait to get a free moment to sneak in a page or two whilst waiting to cross the street, waiting for the elevator or while waiting for someone to pick up the phone on the other end! yeah – that amazing of writer!

    Anyway, I really wanted to reach out and give you the acknowledgement you deserve and to say your fans can not wait until the next one and the next one and then the next one… :-). Bravo, Ms. Forrester!


    1. Thank you, Andrea! Next to writing, the thing I enjoy most is reading, so you have no idea how amazing it is to hear that I give you the kind of reading experience that I seek out in other authors.

      I so appreciate the acknowledgement and will definitely keep writing the best stuff my little brain can churn out. 😉

      1. Thanks Courtney! I would love to make Life Plan a stand alone book. If time permits I will. I have my next three books scheduled, so it would be mid- to late next year at the earliest if it does happen.

  8. Hello Nia,
    I have just added you to the list of my favorite authors. I stumbled across your work and am in the process of going through all of your Novels and novellas. I am starting commitments , yes I did not go in order. 🙂
    Anyway , I am officially hooked, and I absolutely adored Brendan, I wanted one of those!!!
    Keep on writing! Your work is excellent!


  9. I just finished “Afterwards” and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I could not put it down. It had just enough drama to keep it interesting but not so much that it was unrealistic. I can’t wait to read your other works!

  10. OMG! Absolutely loved “Afterwards”. Please tell me there is going to be a part two and when it will be out! Fan for life, keep up the brilliant work!

  11. Sooooo, I read Afterwards 1st and I am excited to hear there’s a follow-up. In spring is a little vague for ME… Teheheee#mygiggle, sooooo exactly when is the release date?!!? Since I finished reading Commitment and Maybe Never needed to more about Riley and Tracey (must admit I skipped unsuitable men). Tracey I can only take in portions.

  12. What an UH-MAZING writer you are, Nia Forrester! I started reading Mistress, moved on to Wife (anxiously awaiting Mother) and before I knew it I had devoured ALL of your books. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite (although it may be Jayson and Keisha’s story because they are so complex). I’ve managed to fall in love with Shawn and Riley, Brandon and Tracey, Chris and Robyn and Trey and Shayla. All of your characters are so real and relatable. You are one of my all-time favorite authors and I’m your fan for life. And even though it may not be needed, I’m wishing you continued success in all that you endeavor. Keep up the FABULOUS writing!!!!

    1. Thank you, Bonita! I love all those couples, so I never tire of hearing that other people love them too. I appreciate you reaching out to let me know you enjoyed my work!

  13. Ms. Nia…Ms. Nia…*sigh*
    I’ve just read all of your books in two weeks. You’re such an awesome writer! I need more! Please write more! Lol!

  14. Hi Ms Nia, I’m from the UK and I love, love, love Afterwards and Afterburn! you’re an awesome writer and your stories so engaging. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck in your writing and have downloaded, Mistress, Wife, Secrets and The Art of Endings and can’t wait to get reading. You have a life long fan! All the best

  15. Ms.Nia Forrester,
    Let me first say that I have bought all of your books.”Wife” was my last read,and I must offer my sincerest apologies for doubting the story of ‘Keisha,’ (I’m not sure what was wrong with silly ole me)maybe it was the fact that I was so invested in the happiness of Shawn and Riley.However,as usual you did a beautiful job,first with “Mistress” and then their follow-up”Wife.”Thank you so much! I turn in an assignment late because I had to finish the story,cant wait for “Mother.” I’m literally stalking your site,(I know it’s creepy but I’m not ashamed lol.)Anyway,here is the thing,Dylan’s story was the first blurb of yours that I read,but I haven’t started reading her story as yet (even though I have bought and downloaded it)Perhaps I’m savoring her story…will there be a followup?

    One of several loyal readers.

    1. I can’t believe I missed this message and didn’t respond for soooo long. Apologies for that Alcass. Yes, there will be another story involving the Acostas, though not with Dylan as the lead. I’m glad you’re enjoying my work. More to come, I promise!

  16. You are by far one of my favorite authors. I stumbled upon commitment and have been a fan every since. I love how you write from a different perspective. It’s not all drugs and violence. With the exception of the Dylan Acosta book, I have read all the others twice. I finished the comon up and then immediately started reading it again. I wasn’t sure that I would like Jamal so much but you brought him to life. Jamal reminded me so much of Trey from the Secret book. I am now reading Secret again for the 4th time. I can’t wait for your next book. Hopefully it will be a continuation of Jamal and Makayla’s story.

    1. Thanks Sharon! The next book is ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’. I’m glad you liked ‘Secret’ and yeah, there are definite similarities between Jamal and Trey.

  17. I just discovered your books. I started The Come Up, then I went to Afterwards and Afterburn. I just couldn’t get enough of the characters so I read Commitment then Unsuitable Men, and finally Maybe Never. Even though I read them out of sequence it did not matter in the least because of the way they were written.I feel such a strong connections to the characters. They are so well developed and have great depth. I miss them already. Will we get to see these characters in the future?

  18. Nia!
    I’ve read and loved all your books, from Riley and Shawn, Tracy and Brenndan, Chris and Robyn, Keisha and Jay, et. al. I just finished The Come Up and I want more Jamal and Makayla! I can’t wait to read The Education of Miri Acosta.

  19. Hi Nia

    I’m from South Africa. Stumbled on to Commitments on Amazon and have been hooked ever since! I love the way you flesh out your characters – not all good, not all bad ….achingly human. Love Riley, Tracey & Robyn but their men – Chris, Brendan & Shawn are just so real. Must say I wasn’t feeling Jamal so much & Makayla even less but I’ve enjoyed reading all the books. Please keep them coming. And please give recommendations of other authors who you feel write in a similar way to you.

    Wishing you loads of luck & time with your writing, going forward!

    1. Thank you so much, Nto! Tell more more about how you feel about Jamal and Makayla. It’s always interesting to me to hear about what does (or does not) resonate about particular characters!

  20. Nia,
    I love your books, you are an excellent writer. I have read all of your books multiple times, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but if I was forced to choose I would pick The Come Up and The Takedown. Have you thought about sending The Commitment series, The Come Up and The Takedown to the Hallmark channel. I would love to see these characters on the screen. What is your next book?


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