Could a child go missing and people simply not notice? Most of us would tend to say not. But shockingly, it’s not that uncommon, and not just in cases where the child in question is a toddler. In different cities around the country, there were cases of young Black girls simply … not showing up ever again, and startlingly long periods of time passing before anyone even noticed. In one notorious case in DC, a middle-schooler stopped showing up at school and no one asked why. Later it was revealed that she had been abused, neglected and eventually killed by her own mother. ‘Monday’s Not Coming’ by Tiffany D. Jackson is a fictionalized version of a similar story, where the main protagonist, Claudia tries to sound the alarm to the adults in her life, desperate to convince them that something has happened to her best friend, Monday. The story is twisty, and not nearly as straightforward as it first seems, and the underlying message about systemic racism that devalues the lives of Black girls is a stark one.

My Goodreads review was very brief, but don’t interpret that as anything other than emotional exhaustion. The book is well-worth reading, and will make for a lively discussion if you read it with friends:

Monday's Not ComingMonday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An awesome, awful necessary story. I’m glad I read it, and wish I hadn’t in equal measure. A story as current today as it was a couple years ago when it was released. And that’s depressing. Amazing work by this author.

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