‘Silent Nights’ is here!

About the book:

It’s a career-making opportunity.

Summer has an invitation to ‘Black America’s Wedding of the Decade’ and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Deuce Scaife is finally marrying his college sweetheart Zora Diallo (an outcome that was never in doubt, by the way, except maybe to the two people getting married) and since there’ll be celebrities all over the event, it’s in an expensive, remote location and all very hush-hush.

As an up and coming blogger and YouTuber for a series called ‘The Black Girls’ Guide to Slaying at Absolutely Everything’ Summer’s stock will increase considerably if she documents her experience at the wedding celebrations.

But when an unforeseen obstacle presents itself, Summer realizes she can only go to the most exclusive of the wedding events if she shares accommodations with the insufferable Lloyd Winston. Lloyd is a conservative, stuffy wannabe politico whom Summer is shocked even got an invite.

But whatever … she can tolerate him for one winter weekend, right?


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8 thoughts on “‘Silent Nights’ is here!

  1. WOW, I enjoyed the book and your writing just moves me but this time I felt a little cheated. This felt like 2 stories were woven into 1 and not the ending of their story that I was expecting.


  2. Because of the excerpt, I reread the whole Commitment and Afterwards series. Just finished The Takedown and was wondering if there was ever a story about Harper and Devin? No?

    Going to get this one right now!!! 💃🏽💃🏽

      1. It’s been great rediscovering all the characters.. And it helps with a better understanding of them on the second read through. Riley is still my fave girl (Hello!!! Sula as a favorite book, Yass!!) even though I am more of a Lorna myself… But I really, really love Chris and Robyn love story. The kind of love story that makes both partners grow by leaps and bounds and visibly become better versions of themselves. And the chemistry, intimacy between these 2 is just too palpable. Zora and Deuce are also up there.

        Rereading is like visiting old friends and catching up with them. Thanks for taking the genre seriously enough to write beautifully complex and layered characters living fully textured lives!! Keep up the good work.

        P.D: I just read your post about giving good reviews and I am going to review every single one of them. Because it’s important. 🤗

  3. You should know that this made me teary-eyed: “Thanks for taking the genre seriously enough to write beautifully complex and layered characters living fully textured lives!! Keep up the good work.” You have no idea. And if you can spit lines like that, yes, please leave reviews!! Writers live for that. Not for the accolades necessarily, but for the acknowledgment that what they wrote, someone heard (read) and understood.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Summer and Lloyd. They have become my new favorite!!! Individually, I appreciate the evolution of these two characters, how they find new strength within themselves. I love how these two just come together from the beginning, redefining a past “friendship” of sorts and really coming to be each others greatest supporter. I can go on and on about these two and just how real and current they are. I just felt their connection and authenticity from beginning to end and will definitely need an update ASAP! Thanks, Ms. Nia!!!

  5. I LOVED the audiobook for Snowflake, just wondering if there are any plans for more (Zora & Deuce!) audiobooks in the near future?

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