#30Days30Stories Compilation Released!

“A novel that will surely make you question your own values in life” - The Book ReviewLately, I’ve been feeling a little more … fertile than I did last year. Last year was a year of upheaval in many ways, including a move from Washington DC to Philadelphia, and from one career to another. Lots of change; and none of which seemed conducive to writing regularly, or particularly well. But I feel much more inspired now, and the challenge this year is going to be harnessing the new surge of creativity I feel, and delivering on promises made long ago to revisit favorite characters.

To help foment that process, I started on a 30-Day sprint, writing a story a day. Most days I managed something new. On about a half-dozen or so, I re-purposed something old, or visited characters who tend to write themselves because I know them so well at this point. I posted each story on my Facebook page.  Now, at the end of the 30-Day sprint, I have a compilation, which went live on Amazon this morning. Here it is, hopefully for your enjoyment.

I welcome any questions you have about the stories, and am particularly curious about those you’d like to see again. In my experience, when my imagination about where to go next fails, the imagination of readers picks up the slack. I’d love to hear from you. And of course …

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8 thoughts on “#30Days30Stories Compilation Released!

  1. Nia.

    I read this earlier this month and am just now getting the time to leave a review. This was superb!!! Very well written, and gripping quite frankly. It’s amazing how much can be conveyed in such short novellas. I loved seeing Jamal and Makayla again! Especially seeing Jamal’s ever hilarious reaction to Devin. Keisha’s evolution continues to amaze me. And Tracey is just…so Tracey lol. She’s so neurotic but you can’t help but be astounded at the depth of her love for Brenden…who treats such love responsibly. What a great guy. And of course, Malcom is just the man.

    I am so so so entrigued by Chad and Kate and the story “Walking Away.” The concept of their relationship starting with a lie of omission on Chad’s part and how that “lie” has influenced the subtle power dynamics of their relationship is fascinating. Eapecially when one considers the other factors (such as race, socioeconomic status, social status, gender, and career choice – in this case film vs law) which due to the way society functions also have an impact on power dynamics. I’d love to read more if you ever get the inclination 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that you are so talented on this fine Saturday morning. Please continue to bless the world with your talent!

    -Major Fan

  2. Hands down one of my favorite authors, but this book was KILLIN’ me (in a good way Lol)!!! It took so much out of me emotionally because I kept wanting every short story to continue. After the first 8 shorts, you almost completely took me out !!! I know I’ll finish it, I just need some time 😁😁😄😄😄!!

    1. I hope to make most of these full length novels, or at least novellas, Kelly! The first one will be out this month, and will be based on ‘The Fever’ with Ryann and Spencer.

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