Paid Companion is LIVE!

paid companion frontAbout the book:

Lia Hill isn’t a model. But she’s pretending to be.

Just for a few days, and just because she stands a earn a ridiculous amount of money. The thing is, her mind-numbingly boring job as a receptionist at a modeling agency while she tries to sell her art isn’t exactly paying the bills in her crappy apartment, and she’s desperate for cash. So when the wealthy and handsome Blake Morgan contacts her agency looking for a girl who’s “not ostentatiously attractive” to accompany him to a family getaway, Lia leaps at the chance, sending her on the adventure of a lifetime with Blake, his sister, Nicolette and Kevin, his somewhat reserved, but super-hot “assistant.”

The Morgan clan is young, beautiful, loaded and tons of unexpected fun. So what’s the worst that could happen?

Dear Readers,

Last year on Wattpad, I started writing a story that I wanted to be all about fun and lightheartedness and fluff. And I tried. I really, really tried. Not only was the experience of writing a story in parts a challenging one for me, I also discovered more about my voice. I can’t really do lighthearted and funny as an entire project. That’s hard, and not a skill I have. Funny and lighthearted moments, sure, but I think my nature is probably to get beneath the surface of just about everything, most especially people and the public faces they display.

So … a story about a woman who was a ‘paid companion’ for a week evolved into something a little different. I hope you enjoy it. It’s available on Amazon now! 

Happy Reading,


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4 thoughts on “Paid Companion is LIVE!

  1. Nia, a couple of questions,

    Why did you decide to cover critical scenes from a retrospective vs. real timeframe: Fleshed out & live scenes from the examples given below could have helped in building stronger connections with these characters. (tried to avoid spoilers):

    Gabe & Nicki arguments
    Gabe’s arrival
    Gabe and Nicki’s discussion with parents
    Nicki going to Gabe afterwards
    Kevin discussing his history
    Mom’s discussion with Lia
    Blake’s reveal
    Lia’s drunk scene with Kevin could have been awesome
    Blake’s call to agency
    Nicki’s reveal to her parents
    Kevin and dad actual interactions
    Blake and dad actual interactions
    Nicki and mom actual interactions
    How the hell did the mom & dad get back together after…
    Retro flashback would have been nice of Kevin & family finding out about Blake’s actions…

    Good book, just wondering …

    1. Those are great questions: So here’s my answers: regarding Nicki and Gabe, it’s important to me to always have secondary characters that are as complex if possible as the main characters, so that they feel as real and you’re just as invested in them. But then there comes a time when I have a dilemma: how much do want to get into detail about secondary characters’ lives, issues, problems? I generally decide “not too much” because it could derail the main plot and your attachment to the main characters. Sometimes, the secondary characters kind of shine, and those I later develop into their own thing, by writing a book about them. So I hear you on Nicki and Gabe. I was definitely a little torn about how much of them to explore, and how much to leave “off the page” so to speak. But I ultimately decided that if they intrigued me enough, I would give them their own book, especially since Nicki’s issues weren’t “cured” by Gabe coming on the scene and revealing to her entire family that they were in a relationship. As for the other scenes I leave off the page, the reasons vary. Sometimes it’s because of my judgment call (rightly or wrongly) that it may require long soliloquies by a character, just too many pages of dialogue to maintain reader interest; it could also be because the dialogue or character has more impact if NOT written (like the father in this book sort of loomed over everything as a mysterious and powerful almost god-like figure, so I felt any scene I wrote where we actually met him might diminish that sense of his power and influence, rather than enhance it; and it the same with some conversations — I sometimes feel like seeing the aftermath of something could have more impact than seeing the thing itself. In general, toward the end, I could see that I was pulling away from a book about Lia and Kevin as primary characters and more towards an ensemble cast type of book, and I was tempted to keep going along that path, but then decided that if there were more stories to be told about this group, I’d leave those to another day, or another book. I do agree with you that it could have been interesting to hear more about the Mom and Dad though. Their story still interests me, but again I worried it would usurp the main story and characters. And on the whole, the truth is, I meant to write something light and fun. And realized, I am always tempted to go really deep, and I should just embrace that. Though perhaps not in this short novel, but in future choices I make about which books/ideas to write. Does that all make sense? (And can I say how much I LOVE how you’ve thought about this book and the characters in it? You’re the best kind of reader; the kind that makes me want to do better and be more intentional and thoughtful about what and how I write) Thank you!

  2. So, Nia. I absolutely love your style of writing and (unfortunately for my wallet) I immediately purchase everything new that you put out.

    The question now, is not WILL we see Blake’s story, but WHEN? Mind you, I am NOT one for sequels. I do appreciate that you don’t appear to be going into books with the intention of leaving the reader with a cliffhanger (an ANNOYING trend that has come about) so you can continue a series of endless sequels. Each of your books have the potential for spinoffs, but at the same time are fully capable of standing on their own. I do, however appreciate a good spinoff, when its obvious that there is more to tell about a particular person/couple. I fell in love everyone in Paid Companion, and they all have potential for their own stories.

    That being said, when will Devin who we met in The Come Up get his own story? He’s another one that is dying for his own book.

    Keep them coming.

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure I’ll ever write Blake’s complete story, or revisit the ‘Paid Companion’ crew. But for sure, I will be writing Devin’s story. Hopefully very soon!

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