Jacinta, an entirely new version.

Cool interview with a cool chick.

Lily Java

So Sydney Tarr’s back on my blog today with the second in her series of interviews with the team bringing you Because My Heart Said So, A Friends-To-Lovers Collection being released in June. This time she’s speaking with USA Today Must-Read author Jacinta Howard.

Take it away Sydney!

Sydney: Hello Ms. Howard, it so wonderful to meet you. Well the reviews are in, Finding Kennedy, Book 2 from The Prototype series is a hit! Lily says it’s so awesome she read it in a day and a half. She also threatened to sit on me holding the kindle up to my face if I didn’t read it soon. Now if I have this correctly this is your fifth book in two or three years and your second series. How does it feel being a productive and successful published author? Was it part of the original plan?

Jacinta: Nice to…

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