Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Treanna Neufville

Treanna NCheck out a brief excerpt from ‘Arielle‘, by another contributor to the ‘Women: Withstanding All Anthology’, Treanna Neufville:

Arielle walked to the door and looked out the peephole. What was Silas doing at her door? Arielle didn’t try to hide her irritation as she opened the door. Silas handed her a bouquet of roses before she could even speak. Roses? She was tired of his shenanigans. The roses were beautiful, but she couldn’t appreciate their beauty because of Silas’s stunt, and besides, tulips were her favorite flowers anyway. Silas had a habit of always doing things like this. When he felt as if Arielle wasn’t catering to him enough, or if she didn’t spend enough time with him, he always popped up unannounced and with a gift that never showed that he actually put any thought into it.

Connect with the writer:

IG: AboutFaces_
Website: Iamaboutface.com

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