Women: Withstanding All Anthology–Meet Renee Eddy

Renee EddyMeet another contributor to the ‘Women: Withstanding All Anthology’, Renee Eddy, who is not a writer by trade, but who nevertheless, had something to say with her contribution, ‘Single Mother’.

Here’s a brief sample:

Decisions, decisions… A girl never knows what she wants to do with chicken. Okay, I’m going to barbecue it. My daughter likes rice while my son likes potatoes, and I just realize that these damn kids are spoiled. In my time, you ate whatever your mother cooked; and if you didn’t eat it, then you just didn’t eat.

I must admit I’m not in favor of all the corporal punishment I received by my mother; but at the same time, if I could go back in time; I wouldn’t change it. It made me who I am today and because my mother was a no-nonsense type of person; she didn’t take anybody’s mess; and she definitely didn’t take it from her children. I live by that model, and that’s how I raise my children. They know I don’t play that I am your friends crap because I don’t have to be your friend. I’m your damn mother. I feel that once you become a parent, your boundaries have to be put into place. Children and young adults will go astray; however, morals and values have to be instilled so that they never forget. Most times, young adults get back on track because they start to heed to the message that was ingrained in them by their parents. In my case, parent.

Well, let me not take all the credit, just most of it. Okay, the majority of it because my daughter’s father plays a role with sometimes helping raising the kids. Even though we’re not in the same household, he does play a role. However … I do the majority of the work.


Connect with Renee on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/renee.l.eddy

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Happy Reading!


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