Women: Withstanding All Anthology –Meet Ni’Kay Rountree

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On March 15, for Women’s History Month, an anthology ‘Women: Withstanding All’ will be released. It features shorts from 14 women authors (including yours truly) whose work spans the spectrum from urban fiction, to romance, to women’s fiction; and also spans the different stages of women’s lives, from childhood to maturity. The unifying theme is that it features women, persevering. Today, and for the next several days, I’ll be introducing you to some of the contributing authors, many of whom are new to me as well.

And remember, the anthology is still at the pre-order price of $1.99 on Amazon.

12842555_1538539866439872_650049572_oToday, meet Ni’Kay Rountree, who pens racy urban fiction. Her contribution to the anthology is a teen’s story and is called ‘The Beauty Inside’. Here’s a tiny peek …

Dear Diary,

I hate to hear Mom and Dad argue. They can’t ever get along. Sometimes, I wish Mom and Dad would just leave each other. I mean, at least I would get some sleep at night. I am tired of the hospital visits, the waits in the waiting room, and the lies that they make me tell the doctor. As much as I love dad, I hate him at the same time. I hate what he has done to my mom. I hate what he has done to me. I hate what he has done to the family. My fifteenth birthday is in two days and I wish I lived on another planet. It’s starting to get harder and harder to drown out the sounds of glass breaking, chairs being thrown, and the screaming.

I thank God for you, Diary. I am so happy that I have you.

To read more, get your copy of the anthology, and check back here every day for the next few days for more sneak peeks.

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Women: Withstanding All Anthology –Meet Ni’Kay Rountree

  1. Hi Nia:

    I had already pre-ordered a copy; but having this preview is icing on the cake. So pleased to see the work of all these wonderful writers. Pass along my congratulations. I will share.

    Best wishes,


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