Fight Clean, Indie Authors. Fight Clean.

fight clean logoI love authors. All of them. People who have the courage to put their thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and fanciful ideas on the page. And you know the authors I’ve come to love most of all? Indies. And here’s why.

We’re like cage-fighters. We get in there, and without all that extra padding we expose ourselves to some brutal blows. To the head, to the heart and even to the soul by opening ourselves up to the world and saying, ‘Here’s my work. Have at it.’ We toss around ideas and seize on some, discarding others. We execute well, and sometimes abysmally. We learn the rules of writing and un-learn some, and then make up our own; we churn out some garbage and occasionally some genius. And we do it all without the support and padding of a multi-million dollar publishing conglomerate to make this messy business of writing look glossy and pretty.

But here’s the thing. Lately, I think some of us cage-fighters have it twisted. We think the opponent is the reader who happens not to like what we do. Or the writer who doesn’t give us the props we “deserve”; whatever we imagine those props to be. We bleed on the page and then go out there and for some of us, we also design a cover, format the text, edit the damn thing and then try to morph into our own public relations agent. And no question: We Are Bad-Ass. We are. So yeah, it smarts a little when the work isn’t well-received.

But in this cage fight called indie authorship, the opponent isn’t your fellow author against whom you’ve developed some irrational grudge; it isn’t the reader who didn’t give you that five-star review you’ve developed a sense to entitlement to. Your opponent is only you. Just you.

So, get back in that cage, write your next kick-ass book and let the rest take care of itself. Not everyone in the reading or writing public will be part of your team, but that’s okay.

Fight your fight, indie authors. But fight clean. And most of us will be fighting right alongside you.


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16 thoughts on “Fight Clean, Indie Authors. Fight Clean.

  1. Excellent post, Nia. I agree, and I’ve never been able to understand authors who get into beefs with other authors or readers. It’s best to ignore any pettiness we might encounter, keep your nose to the grindstone and concentrate on what’s really important.

  2. Cosign. The hardest part is sharing for me –sharing a part of me on each page and when I don’t receive support from people I thought would support me the most, it might sting a little but I didn’t do it for them. I did it for the ones who do like it; the ones who want more.
    Not everyone who loves you loves everything you do and truthfully some people hated you before you shared you launched the first blow of work, they just pretended through it, but why does it matter? Why ruin the goodness that you are working on with being spiteful or ungrateful? It’s a tough business being a cage-fighter but the reward is that we are worthy of the fight and when got in there. Period.

    1. Amen. And the thing is, no matter how it’s received, think about this: you’re making your dream come true. You’re writing, you’re being read and *some* maybe even a lot people if you’re lucky, love what you do. Write on, Aja.

  3. When I first published, I was so excited that ANYONE was supporting me, I didn’t get upset over the ones who didn’t. LOL! I’ve had to forgive my husband for not reading a single one of my books, and I realize he probably never will. From my own situation, I don’t have the money to buy books from the hundreds of my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and local author friends. Nor do I have the time to read them, so I just support my authors friends with my encouragement and sharing their books on my social networks. That’s all I can do.

  4. Ok as a reader, I do understand and I am very careful what I say on my reviews. Cause I wouldn’t walk into a nursery and call your baby ugly. And I think of books as an author’s delivery. But Nia, sometimes….whew I am just like why did they even try? So I am leery.
    TBH sometimes I am just insulted by the “magical formulas” of these established (supposedly) publishing know who I am talking about, everything happens in 213 pages. So I am for the indie cause I thank God somebody dared to color outside the lines. And although I don’t know all the technical writing terms. I love a good story. Keep writing, stay in the cage. I appreciate you, CCJ and Love. I see y’all out there helping others. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Thank you for writing this Nia! And I love the cage-fighter analogy, because sometimes I do feel batter and bruised in this profession. But always triumphant. Even in my failures because at least I tried. I didn’t like drama when I was in school and I don’t like it now, so I latch onto the amazing authors and readers I’ve connected with thus far and forget the rest. I just keep my head down and try to get all these dang characters outta my head, one set at a time!

  6. Hi Nia:
    Not sure what precipitated the cage fighter analogy but, since you’re my girl – if you need a back up, I got your back!

    On another subject – when are you planning on writing a follow up to The Come Up? Or when will you publish Riley’s mother’s story?

    Best wishes,


      1. Such great news! I fell in love with those characters and can’t wait to read more. Just so you know, I really appreciate your work and I am so very happy I found you a few months ago.

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