What Had Happened Was …

The Education of Miri Acosta coverSo you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been away for a while. Not literally, but figuratively. I haven’t blogged, haven’t done as much online promotion of my work, and definitely haven’t been writing with the same regularity. Instead I’ve been reading, working, falling in love with my partner and out again, and in love again … and so on, playing, traveling, hanging with friends, making some enemies (yeah, for real) and living, basically. And so there it is–not sexy, but that’s my excuse for not getting ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’ out this month. More about that later, but for now, let me just say … I’m back in the saddle and rearing to go.

I guess I could leave it at that, but I’m not going to. I want to tell you what I’m going to be up to next, because as solitary as the writing part of writing is, the rest is a group exercise. You read what I write (thank God) and you sometimes like it, and sometimes you write me notes, leave me comments and give me the fuel that gets me through the rough spots, or the encouragement to up my game next time. And a lot of readers give me ideas–for characters and plot points I might consider, or even entire books I might write. I can feel a lot of you out there rooting for me, waiting for me, and believing in me, or I’ve seen you, posting the gentle social media nudge to ‘get back to work already’.

All of it is appreciated.

There’s something writers don’t always tell you but I’m going to let you in on the secret. You ready? Here it is: there was a time when we wrote furtively, secretly, quietly and alone (some of us still do). We wondered whether there would ever be another soul, besides a lover, a friend, or a family member who read what we wrote and cared about it. We silently suffered with the knowledge that though the writing itself was fulfilling, it wasn’t always enough–we wanted someone else to hear our voice on the page and tell us it was good. That’s the secret. The ‘pressure’ we moan about, the pushes and nudges to ‘get back to work already’ are part of the dream, almost as much as the writing itself. To know that you contribute to the richness of the human experience with your words alone? Man, for me there is no high higher than that.

So now that I’ve admitted that I am not so cool that I can pretend not to give a shit what readers think, back to my plans. ‘The Education of Miri Acosta’ is next up. August was the plan, but it’s now mid September. I won’t give a precise date because you know I never meet those deadlines anyway and it causes me heartburn when I know people are waiting and I’m not delivering. But about the book: I like this one. It’s more ‘pure romance’ than anything I’ve written in a while, about young love, crazy passion; learning that who you are is not who you may have planned to be, and figuring out that book smarts don’t equal emotional intelligence. It that strikes your fancy, read the blurb on Goodreads, here.

Following Miri’s story will be the one I’ve been dying to complete, Lorna Terry’s comeuppance, which is working titled ‘Art and Soul’. In that one, the mother of Riley, (who you may remember from ‘Commitment’, etc.) meets her match in a somewhat younger lover who is not intimidated by her radical feminism, and who forces her to face some of the consequences from her choices in the past; and to confront the possibility of a very different future than the one she envisioned. Meet Lorna and her intrepid younger man by reading these shorts: ‘Forty-Six’ and ‘Stalemate’.

And finally, on the encouragement of a writer-friend, and because I’m a sucker for people’s requests for “more” of a couple, I am working on Jamal and Makayla’s follow-up to ‘The Come Up’, this one titled ‘The Takedown’, will follow the very real challenges to the unlikely (and some say mismatched) couple’s relationship. It’ll also follow Jamal’s ascension to the pinnacle of his career, and Makayla being thrust even deeper into a life she’s ambivalent about at best, and outright distrustful of at worst. For me, the cool stories happen when a couple is together but external and internal conflicts work against them–the stuff that comes after the ‘I-love-yous’ are said and believed. This book will hopefully be one of those ‘cool stories’.

So that’s where I am. Until I get something out there, visit me on Facebook, or Pinterest. Send me email, post something on this blog. I know you’re out there, and I am most definitely listening.

Happy Reading.


35 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was …

  1. So I just finished reading ‘Into the Nothing’ – in one day – and d*mnit why did it have to end. I LOVE you all of the characters and was crushing on Ethan from ‘who are you?’ Anyway, would it make a difference of I begged and pleaded for a sequel? Trinity is so layered and I know this was just a tip of the iceberg for her. Ethan. *sigh* And that Skylar! What a piece of work. Chanelle was so complex and very familiar, I can almost touch her.

    Nia Forrester, you are talented beyond words. I’m looking forward to re-reading ITN tomorrow.

  2. Nia, can’t tell you how much this post lifted my spirit. I’ll read anything you write, period. But Art and Soul?!! You know I’ve been waiting for Lorna’s story since you first introduced her!!! Can’t wait to meet her match!

  3. Hi Nia,

    I’m one of your number 1 fans! I have read every book that you have written. Please hurry up and get back in the grove.

    I can’t wait to read the “Take Down” I love the characters. I wish you the best and I can’t wait to read your next book!

    Kathy Dorhan-Fort Worth, Tx

    Kathy Dorhan, Sent from my iPhone


  4. While I can’t wait for all of the your releases (I admit to being a little anxious for Miri), all of those other life things are important as well. They keep you happy & ultimately make for richer stories – thereby making us happy. :-). Good for you. Now….back to work. Lol

  5. Hi Nia,

    Let me just say you are one of my favorite Authors and I love your books. Can’t wait on this release date. However; my reason for for this email is to see if there will there be more stories to come about my favorite couple Riley/ Shawn??. I love them. Please continue writing about Tracy/Brendan & Robyn/Chris.

  6. Hello Nia
    Thank god u ar bck,we missed you. Pretty please write some more about Robyn nd chris,Tracy nd Brenda,love you girl xxx

  7. This is why you’re my favorite author. I recognize that you’re a human being with a life outside of writing. Thanks for the truths and I cannot wait to read your future works. Keep being you and regardless of what anyone says, all of your books are amazing (even the ones that are on my least favorite list), they’re still outside the box and enjoyable. I’m rooting for you and recommending your books to my friends (one of which has become a huge fan). Continue doing what you do.

  8. Well Ms. Nia,

    You already know how I feel. See there’s this little thing call life we all must live and I’m glad you took a moment to do just that. I’m looking forward to reading all of the books on the agenda but I can’t WAIT to read Lorna’s story or the follow up to Jamal and Makayla’s… Keep doing what you do.

  9. Glad that you came back and it’s looks like with a bang, with all the new books that’s coming…I’m a fan 4 life. Bring it on, I’ll wait !!!

  10. It sounds like your summer has been F U N!!! I’ve definitely missed you and your FB posts, but I’m glad you’ve been living and loving and having a good time! You know we’ll be ready and waiting whenever those books drop, so do your thing. Besides, all that breaking up, making up, and enemy-making (You? NEVER!!!), should make for some interesting story lines! Signed, Your Other #1 Fan 😉

  11. Well I surely can’t wait for anything you release because I am in a reading funk and drought! Everything just has been reading the same lately, so something from my tried and true is most definitely needed!

  12. Nia you know , I’m always trolling to see what you’re going to write next , I so look forward to your upcoming books. Take your time and write like Nia , and when the books are done we all will be ready to read them.

  13. I totally get what you said about the secret, Nia. Readers will never know how much we suffer in silence because we want so much to have someone validate us. As humans we crave appreciation, and sometimes when it’s not there, it can stifle the creative process and bring it to a screeching halt. Thank God most readers are gracious, even when they’re giving you a piece of their mind. 🙂 Welcome back to the writing gig! I’m patient. I can wait until you get your book where you need it to be before you release it into the world. 🙂

  14. Nia.. so glad you enjoyed your summer. Cant wait to read all the new books. Lorna has been on my wait for it a long time. Thanks for your great books. You are God’s favorite and mine too.

  15. Thanks for the update Nia and since you’re one of my four “automatic buy” authors, I’ll just wait patiently for the next release *sigh* 🙂 I’m not one who generally post comments, but after reading your update I decided to share something that has been nagging me since last year, the release of “Mother”. While Riley and Shawn is my favorite “Nia Couple” (sliding my subtle need more of Riley and Shawn plug right here 😉 ) after reading Mother, I felt like there is more for Keisha. I thought it was just me…that I missed the “it” (whatever it is that I missed), but after a second reading of the series, I still didn’t feel the release I usually feel after ending a book. I felt unsettled. So, I’m wondering if there will be another installment to Keisha’s story? When it wasn’t mentioned in the update, the nagging feeling returned once again so I had to ask. :). Thanks for all your wonderful, entertaining, thought provoking work!

    1. Gail, you are a discerning reader. There wasn’t a sense of completion for Keisha. Still some things to resolve for sure. I think I have at least a Keisha novella up my sleeve, because I too feel that there may be more to say about her.

  16. Well I don’t know if I can be so understanding, I have been stalking your page, stalking amazon, just plain ole going crazy looking for your new book! But If you really needed a mental rest then, so be it. I’m glad you are back on the sadle. I think as a good faith gesture, you should give us two books at a time! I’m kidding, well maybe not. Love your books though, keep up the good work!

  17. I’m so happy to hear about your upcoming releases! I remember finding Commitment on Amazon back in 2012, conpletely by chance by the way. It blew me away immediately and I read it multiple times in a matter of days. Your momentum hasn’t stopped since then and I’m so grateful for your writing, voice and perspective.

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