BLOG STOP: a visit from Chicki Brown, author of ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’

dontFolks, this is a daring one. New from Chicki Brown, the latest in the Stafford Brothers series, ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ features Greg Stafford and one very messy secret that’s about to be blown wide open.

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Blurb: New York City on-air television personality Greg Stafford is different from his brothers. He has a secret that none of the family knows about until he is arrested and the story hits the media. A scandal ensues, and he is suspended from his job for breaking the morality clause in his contract. In order to keep his position, he is ordered to submit to therapy. Little does he know that the woman who will become his counselor will become the most important person in the world to him.

From ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’:

What was that all about? Greg stalked down the block in search of a cab in his pseudo-disguise. Had Thad played a joke on him by scheduling his therapy session with the sexiest woman he’d met in months? Rhani Drake appeared to be the embodiment of what Greg considered the perfect woman. Downright tempting with thick, curly hair falling past her shoulders. A few errant tendrils dangled over her forehead, and he imagined coiling them around his fingers. As she interrogated him, he visualized how irresistible she would look beneath him with her wild mop spread out over the pillow. Not a great way to start therapy.

A taxi finally stopped for him. He got in, gave the driver his home address then dropped his head back on the seat and closed his eyes. Thankfully, he hadn’t gotten one of those talkative drivers. He needed silence to think about what had just occurred. No way would he allow himself to be attracted to the woman who wanted to deconstruct him and put him back together the way she saw fit. Right away she’d started in on his family, and he wasn’t having it. They had nothing to do with the reason he’d been sent to her. In fact, if he were more like them, he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. But since he had to endure three months of scrutiny, discovering why he was so unlike them might make it worth the torture.

She hadn’t asked about the actual incident, which seemed strange. After all, it’s what brought him to her office. Every time he replayed the episode he became aroused, so he tried not to dwell on it.

He’d been dizzy with exhilaration, ripped his belt open and yanked his zipper down to free himself. The alley hadn’t been the place to take her panties down, so he reached between her thighs and pulled the narrow crotch of her delicate panties aside. Melinda Price was tall and the stilettos she wore made her even taller, so he only had to bend his knees a little to get into the right position. He didn’t want to hurt her, but it also hadn’t been the time or place for foreplay or rummaging through his wallet for a condom.

Bareback time.

When he thrust into her, Melinda had taken his shoulders in a death grip. Her stiletto-clad feet came off the ground and hooked around his hips. The cry she uttered had him so drunk; he couldn’t do anything but go for the goal. Nothing else mattered. He clasped his hands under her and pumped like a madman while the world around them faded away.

She moaned and he growled through their climax. Once the blood returned to his head, Greg comprehended the voices shouting at them.

“NYPD! Release her and put your hands above your head!”

He steadied Melinda as her weak legs dropped to the ground. When he realized she wasn’t going to fall, he shoved himself back into his underwear and zipped his pants.

The officer continued, “You are under arrest for public indecency and performing a lewd act under Section 245 of the New York Penal Code.”

Arousal then shame. The story of what his life had become. How had he let himself get to this point? Greg rubbed his eyes in an effort to wipe away the scene then straightened his shoulders and told himself it would never happen again.

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