comeup cover absolute final (1)THE COME UP

Jamal Turner is near the top of his game. Widely-known as the trusted right-hand man to music mogul Chris Scaife, he’s poised to become chief operating officer of his friend and mentor’s international recording conglomerate. But while his career prospects have never been better, Jamal is still plagued by the remnants of his humble beginnings, threatening to pull him back down just as he’s on the come up.

Makayla Hughes knows who she is and where she comes from, and she flat out refuses to allow working in the high-powered recording industry to change her. Just a simple girl from the South Bronx, she doesn’t care who knows it. But when she’s thrown into close quarters, working on a project with the notorious Jamal Turner, she begins to wonder whether her determination to ‘keep it real’ is also keeping her world very, very small.

Jamal is drawn to Makayla, but he can’t let the man he used to be stand in the way of the man he’s becoming. There’s no doubt she fits into the life Jamal used to have, but what’s not as clear is whether she belongs in the life he wants.

Mother cover mistress FINALMOTHER

The final part of the ‘Mistress’ Trilogy.

Married to Jayson Holmes, and managing school, an emerging interest in a fashion career, extended family and new friends, Keisha’s life has changed well beyond anything she ever imagined. But Jayson has even more changes on his mind–he wants to be a father.

But how can Keisha, who never believed she would even be a wife, come to terms with an even more challenging role? Will she rise to the occasion and embrace the joy, fear and uncertainty of motherhood? Or will she allow old habits–and old friends–to threaten the fragile peace she’s finally found?


  1. Niiiiiiiiaa! Guuuurl, I knew there was a reason you’ve been so quiet here lately. You NEVER disappoint! I. Can’t. Wait.

    Happy Writing,

  2. Nia .. I’m so excited- do you have any release dates in mind?? I’m literally checking your website everyday for updates!!!

  3. Nia, you know how to make my day! I am on “10” with excitement and zeal. I am so expectant! I know that you always deliver! This will be a great Fall/Winter reading season. Now do what you do best, WORK that pen!!!

  4. Hi Nia, I am patiently awaiting The Come Up. I love all of the characters from Afterwards and Afterburn, you never disappoint your readers. I am ready to click purchase and confirm my selection already lol.

  5. Hi Nia. I won’t ask for a release date, but do you know what is the order of the next few books? I like to reread the prequels for a better continuity. So is it Mother, The Come Up, and then The Education of Mira Acosta? Any new stand alones with new characters that have not been introduce in any of your other books on the horizon? Thanks for such wonderful storyies and characters.

    1. Hi Courtney! Yes, that’s the order. I am trying to “dispose of” all the old characters by February 2015 when I hope to release Lorna’s (Riley’s Mom from ‘Commitment’) book, and start fresh with completely new folks. And thank you (again) for following my work!

  6. I can’t wait, Nia! I love all of your books. I just reread Unsuitable Men and I started rereading Maybe Never today. I’ve been looking for new things to read, but sadly I can’t find much out there that works for me. I decided to revisit Tracy and Brenden’s story because I love them so much. The new books sound great too!

  7. Nia!!! I am so excited! A while back I expressed my interest in Jamaal Turner’s story and now my dream has come true. I can already tell from the synopsis that they are going to give my favorite couple Robyn and Chris a run for their money. The fact that you paired him with an around the way girl is brilliant! I love your writing style… Bring The Come Up on and thanks in advance!!!!

  8. Nia, I just started reading your novels. Absolutely LOVE!!! Just finished the mistress series and awaiting ‘mother’. Just downloaded ‘lifted’ from the secrets series. You have definitely become one of my favorite authors. Please keep the novels coming! God Bless!

  9. Love your work! I have really enjoyed the depth of emotional exploration you have brought to these characters. Looking forward to the upcoming titles. I am secretly hoping for a clashing of Keisha’s old in new worlds in “Mother”, maybe a chance encounter with Riley? Can’t wait to see what happens with Lorna as well, what an interesting character.

  10. Nia, I can’t wait to read Jamal’s story. I can just tell he has a lot to say. Have you ever thought about writing something more on Fiona? She was very memorable to me. I just felt like there was alot to her past and future that I wanted to know.

  11. I havent visited your site in a while. Oh but look at what my extremely late arrival gifts me. Ms. Forrester, I’m beyond excited for the Jamal Turner book. Jamal was hilarious & an intriguing character in your After books. Plus, if I get to read more Chris Scaife then I’m happy. Please don’t torture me with a summer release. Keep writing amazing characters–

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