SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Lifted’


From ‘Lifted’:

In the dim sum restaurant, there was a table full of women. Ty thought they might be gay too. All of a sudden, he seemed to be noticing gay people more. Maybe it was because he was in San Francisco, the Gay Mecca of the United States; or maybe it was because he was with Tessa, the first gay person he’d ever wished wasn’t.

One of the women at the table couldn’t keep her eyes off Tessa. She was trying to make eye contact.

“You like Asian women?” Ty asked, thinking about Anzu and Tessa making out at the nightclub.

“They seem to like me,” Tessa said, so he knew she’d noticed the woman staring as well, though she hadn’t acknowledged her.

“Why do you think that is?”

She shrugged. “Some people like chocolate adventures.”

Ty spluttered. “Chocolate adventures?”

“You know. Testing out the rumored insatiable sexual appetite that we Black folks seem to have.”

He nodded. “Oh.”

“So?” Tessa asked, looking about the restaurant for the next passing server with a steaming tray.

“So … what?”

“Have you had any? Chocolate adventures? D’you like Black chicks?”

“Only been with one. She was a little crazy.”

Tessa laughed. “Oh that is so wrong of you.”

“Why is it wrong of me? I’ve been with plenty of crazy White chicks. It just so happens the one Black one I was with was also crazy.”

“How was she crazy?”

“She liked to … you sure you want the details?”

“Oh, please give me the details,” Tessa said. She almost looked gleeful.

Before Ty could begin his story, another tray went by and they paused to take some of the soft, pork-filled rolls, then another of rib tips in a bright red sauce that looked hot and spicy, but was really sweet.

“Okay, spill it,” Tessa spoke with her mouth full.

“Her name was Charmaine. She was a sophomore at my school. And she came onto me at a party. And I liked it because she wasn’t shy about it, she didn’t pretend she would hold out. She let me know she wanted me, and that made me want her too.”

Ty didn’t know why he was telling Tessa all this, except that she was different from other women, and wouldn’t care if he said he’d wanted another woman, because she wasn’t looking to compete in the same arena.

“So did you hook up the same night?” Tessa rested both elbows on the table and leaned in, rapt.

“Yeah. She liked the lights on, which was different from other chicks. Her body wasn’t perfect but she didn’t care. And that made her way hotter as far as I was concerned.”

“And that turned you on?”

“I feel like you’re psychoanalyzing me.”

“I kind of am. I like that too—when women aren’t all, ‘don’t look at my stomach’ or ‘dim the lights a little’. I like when they let it all hang out.”

Under the table, Ty was getting some wood. Hearing Tessa talk about what she liked was a turn-on, even though part of him wished … well, it didn’t matter what he wished.

“So tell me more about Charmaine. Wanting the lights on didn’t make her crazy, so what did?”

“She had a boyfriend,” Ty said, beginning to wish he hadn’t brought Charmaine up at all. “And she liked …”

“C’mon, spill it! What did she ..?”

“She liked to call him while we were doing it. She liked to watch me sliding in and out of her while she talked to her boyfriend on the phone and pretended she wasn’t being …”

Tessa put a hand over her mouth and muffled a laugh. “Freak. How many times did she do that?”

“Every single time we had sex except for the first time.”

“And you had to like it too, or you wouldn’t keep doing it,” Tessa accused.

Ty shrugged. “Once we were in the act, I didn’t give a shit what she did, just as long as we kept … you know.”

Tessa laughed again. “She put that ol’ Black Magic on you, huh?”

“She was pretty wild in bed,” Ty admitted.

“So what ended it?”

“The beginning of the end was when I saw her boyfriend one day when they were walking across campus together. He looked like the Incredible Hulk. I mean, this dude was a beast. After that I started avoiding Charmaine’s booty calls.”

Leaning back in her seat, Tessa nodded and folded her arms. “Now that’s what I call a good story.”

“Oh, but it’s not done. After a couple weeks thinking I made it out with my life, she corners me at a party. Told me we weren’t done till she said we were done.”

“Now you’re just making stuff up.”

“Scout’s honor.” Ty raised a hand, then reached for one of the rib tips, enjoying the expression on Tessa’s face.

“Okay, so then what?”

“I had to keep doing her until she was done.”

At that, Tessa laughed out loud–loud enough for other patrons to look over at them–and clapped her hands.

“You had to, huh?”

Her eyes were bright and she was looking at him differently, like he’d been inducted into some Cool Kids Club or something. Ty could see how it might be that Tessa seduced people—with her looking at him that way, he thought there were probably very few things he wouldn’t do just to remain in her favor.

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8 thoughts on “SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Lifted’

  1. Ty and Tessa are becoming more interesting. I’m not seeing Tessa with women but I know Ty has his work cut out for him

  2. LOL Ty is cool!! Oh maaaan! I love that story! That’s the type of kinky stuff I enjoy reading about!! If I were inclined to believe in reincarnation, I would think I was a man in another life LOL This story is getting more & more intriguing Nia. I am so ready to see how this turns out! Great job.

  3. Hi Nia! Hope all is well. I hope this is coming early this mont! Hint! Hint! Looking forward to this one. Take care! LaShan

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