No-Sample Sunday

Afterburn cover2aBecause ‘Afterburn’ is here, and AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon!

This one was both fun and challenging to write, I definitely wanted to do justice to the love story between Chris and Robyn, but also the love story between a man and his children, as he grows into a love of fatherhood after living a life of studious non-attachment.

I can’t lie–I’m eager to hear what you think! So as you read, feel free to stop by with comments to this post and let me know what moves you, disappoints you, makes you think … whatever your reaction, I’m open to hearing it.

Some writers write for money or fame (and don’t get me wrong, those things are probably great) but I want to know I made you feel something. So tell me if I did. I’m listening.

Happy Reading!


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54 thoughts on “No-Sample Sunday

  1. Oh I thought I would have to wait til midnight. I re-read Afterwards last night just to prepare myself. I just downloaded on Amazon. I will keep you posted.

  2. Thanks Nia. I will hit you back as soon as I’m done reading Afterburn. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get home from work.

  3. Bless your heart for releasing the book today!! I was trying to figure out when I could read it during the week if released on the 28th. LOL…This was excellent!! I LOVED the sequel!!! Nia, you are an exceptional writer. There were times when Robyn ticked me off with her choices but you made me understand why. Initially, I did not want to read about Chris in Afterwards. I thought he was so rough and hard from the previous books in the series. I grew to like Chris and the changes he made in his life regarding Robyn and his family. I love the connection you develop between your hero and heroine. Looking forward to the next book.

  4. Well, you have done it again….Chris and Robyn!!!! The Come Up! Picking up their journey felt like I would the complete HEA right from the start. But Robyn, Lord Robyn….she just had to do the thing her way. I, too, struggled with what it was. In my mind I consistently stated, “Well, he is not the jerk you divorced.” Yet some of Chris’ history spilled over into being a jerk. But I now realize there was more to the Liberation of Robyn Crandall. The transatlantic journey was just a small part of who she was. And might I say I just loved Mama Carolyn. She just kept it real, right and always ready to guide her child even in adulthood. Thanks Nia, for keeping me from work today. I will reread it again tomorrow, just because….Also, can Nate and Jamal get their own stories. I’m just saying…I loved revisiting with the crew. And maybe even Deuce. Ok, I’ll stop I am just an Avid Reader anxiously awaiting your next release. Thanks, for holding the complexities of love to the light.

      1. Lol I am happy to be able to talk with the author this is the best part. What about those other stories? Does your muse feel any of those story lines? Jamal, Deuce or Nate have they spoken to you yet?

  5. Nia, thank you so for this surprise early release. I’m currently at 32% and so far, it’s been brilliant. So good that I had jump on here real quick to let you know. This is some real authentic Nia Forrester material. Reminiscent of Commitment. Just loving Christopher and Robyn. Thanks for a little Riley and Tracey too. Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting much sleep tonight,


  7. Hi Nia Tracey already asked my question when will it be released on Nook, therefore I hope they hurry and get some techs on the job because I am at the point after reading some reviews thinking of going and purchasing a kindle. LOL Please hurry B&N.

      1. Thank you Nia. Unfortunately Ihave the nook tablet I need the nook in HD. I HAVE PHONED several B&N to express that I need this book ASAP I hope they take heed LOL please keep me postedI am really anxious.

  8. THANK YOU for maintaining Chris’complexity and adding depth to Robyn as well. Wonderful sequel. I was scared for a min that they would let it go down the drain, angry with the both of them (and Karen, Etienne, etc.), but remained hopeful. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Job well done.

  9. Nia,

    I read the entire book yesterday but did not get a chance to comment because I had to spend a little time with my family. The book was great! I did not think I could attach myself to another couple like Shawn and Riley but it happened. For me, Chris just came full circle in this story. His character evolved to where you just gotta love him. Robyn, on the other hand, gave me pause at times in the story. I was like, what is she thinking. But, everything came together and it was truly awesome!

  10. Finally just finished this and WOW!!!!!! I’m completely blown away. It was awesome. Actually, I think that this is your best novel to date. I’ve read all of your published books and they’re all excellent but afterburn takes it to another level. The title of the book is very fitting and not only with respect to Chris and Robyn’s relationship, but it also speaks to the effect it’s having on me as a reader. I was pretty certain before, but now I know for sure that you are absolutely my favorite contemporary author, Please don’t stop. No rush, no pressure but please, please keep them coming.

  11. I loved where you took Robyn and Chris’ story, Nia! You brought them full circle. 🙂 You had me shouting at my screen a few times and tearing up too. Well done!

  12. I really enjoyed the book!!! Karen really thought she could get Chris from Robyn, it was really interesting to see her storyline. Sheryl just wanted to make sure the only man in her life didn’t leave her. Loved the new relationship with Chris & his children , also the fact was so open & accepting of them & Chris pass life! What story is up next?! Also, has Robyn meet Chris sister?!!!

  13. DANG IT!!!!! Nia, you make it so hard to stay loyal to my couples. First I was in love with Shawn and Riley, then nothing was better than Tracy and Brendan, oh lets not forget Dylan and Mark, and the oh so charismatic story of Shayla and Trey and now Chris and Robyn. This story was more moving than the rest…I actually had tears in my eyes during the accident trauma. I was on edge reading this story until the end. I feel like there could have been so many ways this story could have developed but you stayed true to Chris and Robyn individuality. I so get it! I know you wont keep me loyal to Chris and Robyn long either since I’m sure Miri and Lorna stories are coming. Shame on you…smh (I can’t wait though…LOL)

  14. Hey Nia, I just want to let you know that Afterburn is now on my nook!!! I am so excited and as soon as I leave work and get settled at home I will be happily reading. When I get finished I will email my review.

  15. So I am only 3-4 pages in and already I am screaming at Robyn ‘YOU WANT TO DO WHAT?? ARE YOU CRAZY?” Gosh, I don’t know if my heart can take these two but I have to finish…

  16. Nia. I just left my review for Afterburn on Amazon under Marangel. If it were possible to give it more stars I would have. This book was truly amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the direction you took their story. Robyn made a decision that ultimately led to certain events which tested the strength of their love and commitment. The journey you took me on in this book was more emotional than any of your other books. At one point I had to stop reading for awhile because I was afraid to find out what happened.
    Just let me say that Robyn and Chris are now my favorite couple and how conflicted I felt when I came to that realization because for me it was always about Riley and Shawn. Thank you Nia for such great enjoyable reading. Looking forward to the next book.

    1. I read your review. Thank you, Marcia! This couple definitely took me to some places I didn’t think I could go, so I’m glad they’re special to you as well.

  17. Wow! Just wow. I left a review on Amazon as well, but I truly appreciate your writing. When I tell you that this story took me in so many directions, whew! I did a lot of fussing at the characters, but this story was just perfect. Thanks again.

  18. I LOVED Afterburn but that’s no surprise because I’m an admitted stan. I had such high expectations and you didn’t disappoint. Even though I’ve already left a 5 Star review on Amazon I had to come here to let you know that I love how you do what you do. Generally I jump from one book right into another but I can’t do that after reading yours. I have to let it marinate! I have to sit with the characters and their journeys for a while. They are so real that I really feel like I’ve been on a journey with them and I have to rest and regroup before I can move forward. I’m already anxiously awaiting whatever you put out but I’d like to cosign the request for Jamal’s story. That man is intriguing.

  19. WOW!!!!! Ms. Nia you have brought out every all type of emotions in me.I truly enjoyed your latest,”Afterburn.” I was in awe of Chris,I loved his transformation but got so annoyed with Robyn.I truly understood her need to “do her” but she had me pulling on my hair at times.Her need to push back did cause me to roll my eyes a few times.Overall,this one should reach the best sellers list soon.
    Thank you for a job well done.

  20. What a terrific ending. You wanted to know how the book made readers feel. I was SO angry at Robyn and her monumentally stupid and immature move. I mean, really, who does that?! I almost couldn’t continue. Up until that move, Chris and Robyn were my new favorite couple but Shawn and Riley still hold that title. Though Robyn redeemed herself somewhat in my eyes, something Jeannette said rang true for me. So so selfish. But Chris – OMG, he shined in this book. Another 5 star read. I am depressed now that it’s ended. And I echo your other fans – please, may we have a book about Jamal. I feel like he was left hanging…

  21. WOW!! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I waited until Friday, my day off, to read Afterburn. I did not want any interruptions. And it was worth it. You are so gifted, and my favorite author!! And with previous comments, I agree, Robyn was shelfish. But I understood it (on a personal level as well) given her previous marriage. Sometimes we have to be selfish in relationships so the end result is a collaboration which is a win-win. When it is a compromise, its a win-lose. And who wants to be the loser?! And with Chris, I just LOVED how he was able to see people’s motives, agendas, and call them on the carpet for it. As we say, he was “straight-no-chaser”. Only someone who is solid in his own space could do that. One of my favorite scenes was at the beach house when things ‘popped off’. Liked how his boys had his back, and the scene with Deuce…had to re-read it twice. It gave me goose-bumps. You hit it on the nail in describing Caitey. Of course Chris would have daughter that would have his personality and disposition. She wants what she wants when she wants it. (Don’t forget to post Caitey’s picture on pinterst.)

    Chris and Robyn song: ‘Forever’ by Sebastian Mikael. I little old school with a grown folks touch by a youngin’.

    Keep these wonderful characters coming. I will be re-reading Afterbun. Also I agree with a story of Jamal, that brother has some layering that could definitely fill some pages only you can write. (It would be pretty cool to do Deuce: how a young rich black male with moma and daddy drama will do in college with relationships and trying to find his place in the world separate from his larger than life daddy.)

    1. Courtney! So glad you liked it. And glad that Deuce and that relationship rang true to you. I am definitely going to post Caity’s picture on Pinterest. And as for Jamal … I’m considering. I want to give this crew a breather for awhile and move on to others, but soooo relieved you liked it. And I’m honored to be anyone’s FAVORITE author (are you kidding me???) Thanks again!

  22. Wonderful!!!!! Nia you have done it again I love this story so much I am going to read Afterwards and Afterburn all over again. Chris Lord what a man!!!! I love how this series showed that all relationships are flawed, nothing is ever perfect but growth comes in when you are attuned to each other feelings. I loved how Chris knew when to give of himself even when he was angry. All the characters were wonderful in their roles, even when they were flawed, and I wish them all the best, I have to end this review because their are a million things I can talk about on just this book along LOL. So to the readers who have yet to read Afterburn grab it soon as possible it is a very refreshing, and wonderful story.

    1. Thanks, Nadean. The flaws are an important part for me. I don’t like to write fantasy-people. 🙂 I’m glad people relate to and understand them. And yes, Chris definitely has come into his own. I’m a little in love with him myself. 🙂

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