It’s Complicated

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I used to think the best romances came with no mess, no baggage, no drama. And while those are still fun to read, for me personally they’re not as fun to write. That’s why I became enthralled with Chris and Robyn’s story in ‘Afterwards‘.

When they get together, Chris is somewhat disconnected from his three kids, by two different women. He’s running a multi-million dollar corporation and he doesn’t see himself as being on the market for a relationship. Add to the mix the two women with whom he had his three kids and Robyn’s recent and messy divorce.

ChrisHow can too people find ‘romance’ under those circumstances? Well … it’s complicated. And it’s what ‘Afterwards‘ is about. If you’ve read it, you see that Chris and Robyn demonstrate what we all know to be true–the heart generally finds a way. And if you haven’t read it, now’s a good time, because on April 28th, the continuation (and conclusion) of Chris and Robyn’s story, ‘Afterburn‘, is being released.

In the meantime, drop me a comment below and tell me what YOU liked best about Chris and Robyn’s “complicated” romance!

Happy Reading!


P.S. If you don’t already have ‘Afterwards’ it’s $1.99 on Nook and Kindle for a LIMITED TIME!

From ‘Afterburn‘:

“Something’s come up and I need to be back in L.A. so I’m leaving tonight right after the thing.”

Robyn’s hand fell from his chest. “Tonight, Chris?”

“Yeah, on a red-eye. I need to be there first thing in the morning so there’s no way around it,” he said. But he wasn’t looking directly at her.

Why wasn’t he looking at her?

“Since I probably won’t even be there for that long, you don’t have to come to the party tonight if you don’t want to,” Chris continued. “That way you can get back home to Caity.”

Robyn tried to meet his gaze, but he either didn’t see that that was what she was trying to do, or he was evading it.

Tilting her head so that she could force the meeting of their eyes, Robyn shrugged. “No, I’m still coming,” she said. “What time are you leaving the party to fly out?”

“Probably around midnight.” His eyes were unreadable. Not cold, but flat like there was something behind them he was determined not to let her see.

“Okay.” Robyn shrugged again. “So if we go around nine or so, I have you for a few hours. If that’s all I get, I’ll take it.”

Chris looked directly at her then, his expression quizzical. Robyn took one more step, closing the distance between them and looking up so their gaze remained unbroken. Then glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one else was in sight, or earshot, she put her arms up and about his neck. She tried never to do this kind of thing in the office, afraid of how it might undermine her credibility, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Chris was trying to put some distance between them, but she wasn’t about to let that happen.

“I’ll take what I can get,” she said again, getting on her toes and pressing her lips to his neck. “Always.”

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28 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

  1. I liked that she was not his norm, I also liked that Robyn kept his on his P & Q;s… but I dont want her character to fall back into her Curtis mode…. Chris has to come full circle or they will not make it…..that I am afraid of .. sometimes you cant get the HEA….

  2. I think you’re just intentionally trying to stress us out at this point. No other explanation, lol! To be serious though, I loved Robyn and Chris’s story because you took a character (Chris) who, on the surface, kinda seems unlovable, paired him with somebody (Robyn) who was completely lovable, and it just works. Their relationship really highlights the best in him, but I feel like it highlights the worst in HER. Maybe worst is taking it a little far, but I love that we get to see that Robyn, although really likable, isn’t perfect by any means and in my opinion could completely kill a relationship all by herself. But I’m crossing my fingers that’s not what’s going to happen in Afterburn.

  3. I loved the fact that Robyn was “normal”. As Victoria Roberts stated above, she wasn’t Chris’s usual type. She forced him to be himself and not the entertainment mogul. I loved the complicated nature of their relationship b/c in real life, it’s not always easy. I loved watching this couple fall in love.

  4. I like the relationship because it IS complicated. It mirrors what happens in life when two strong people with mounds of baggage try to navigate a relationship. I like that Robyn is strong but unafraid to show her love for Chris. I love that Chris is man enough to try to make it work but you still see him falling even more in love with her and he is struggling with that.

  5. I can’t wait for Afterburn!! I think what I like most about Robyn was how she didn’t play games. She said what she felt, what she wanted and I liked her honesty when it came to confront Chris on his ‘man-tude’. At first I really didn’t care for Chris when reading Commitment. He was too ‘sweet’ on my Riley. But with your expert writing, I came to see another Chris. He is the alpha male, bad boy, with a touch of sexy and sweetness rolled into one.. I understood his guardedness. Looking forward to how these two playout.

    Nia, I noticed how Tracey/Brendan, Robyn/Chris, and Keisha/Jay all received sequals. Do you think you will ever give Riley and Shawn a sequal, where they are not ‘guest appearing’? Also, do you have other stories in the work with brand new characters/storylines?

    1. Hi Courtney! Glad you’re loving Chris and Robyn. I hadn’t planned on a sequel for Shawn and Riley. I definitely like where they are right now and since their book was soooo long, feel like all there is to say about them may have been said. But, never say never … so who knows, I may feel moved to write about them one day. After Afterburn, I have three books in mind and the order is anyone’s guess at this point: Mother (the conclusion of Keisha and Jay’s story), Lifted (about Trey’s sister Tessa), The Bones of Love (about Riley’s mother Lorna) and The Education of Miri Acosta (about Mark Acosta’s baby sister). In between, I will also be working on my new adult book and anything else the muse sends me!

  6. Yaay, I am so excited & can’t wait for this release. Chris is a really interesting guy to me & I cant wait to see if Robyn is able to pull him in & make him the good husband/dad that he has the potential to be.

  7. I love Robyn n Chris..just afraid Chris is goin to try and run away from the love Robyn is trying so hard to show him.
    I can’t wait for this book and patiently awaiting Miri Acosta story. Nia keep writing I am telling all my reading books friends about you.
    Happy Writing!!

  8. I was heart broken to see the release date was pushed a week back… I like the fact that Robyn is not trying to change Chris in their relationship. She is opening his eyes to loving more than just his job. They make the perfect couple because they are just opposite. Sour and Sweet best combination!!!

  9. Nia, I just love Robyn and Chris. I love that Chris was hardened but under Robyn’s spell he just melted into a beautifully flawed man. I love that Robyn peeled back all those layers…that shell Chris had so securely locked himself into. I loved that Robyn was a strong woman BUT, knew how to yield to her man when the situation called for such…And also doing it in such a manner that Chris knew that she was doing it willingly, but never to be considered “weak”. Nia, chile, when Robyn kneeled at Chris’ feet and removed his shoes guuuuuurl…meddling in his diet, seeing after Chris. Let’s just say, I am all for taking care of my man. I love that Chris was so sure of Robyn and who she was as a person. **Sighs** I really need this sequel in my life! I’ll be up bright and early on release day, index finger poised and ready for the one-click button!

  10. I loved how Robin took care of Chris with his migraines & when Chris came to visit Robin & her mother. I read Afterwards worried that he’d break it off with her on every page and chapter. Their relationship had me biting my nails the whole time because Chris is an enigmatic & fickle (I guess) spirit. I felt for Robin and loved her for her understanding and forgiving spirit with both men. The whole book was amazing. I do hope they make it through. They need each other.

  11. Well Nia, I love Chris and Robin’s story. Actually there is not a story you have written that I have not enjoyed. I did struggle with Keisha and Jay. But Keisha’s complexities are tough for me. I am still trying to remove that label she derived from what she did to Shawn. I am looking forward to seeing Robin and Chris again.

    1. Kiesha and Jay are definitely a struggle for a lot of people because their relationship is definitely a little gritty and at times dysfunctional. I’m still working with them though … they’ll get it right.

  12. Thanks Nia for allowing your stans (oops, fans) another opportunity to express our love, support, and infatuation of these characters/story arc. Chris is a realistic representation of the emotional state of many of our black men….while creating an exterior that is not easily penetrated by the woes and injustices of the world, it often causes them to become less emotionally vulnerable, trusting, and mature. I know men like this, I dated men like this and it’s not always easy to stay the course. What I love about their love story is that Robyn is not what so many of us women are…pushy, aggressive. ultimatum giving, and impatient; she simply relished the moments with the man she loved. By her own admission, it was far from perfect but she loved him and recognized his efforts! (Woo!)…Chris’ journey to real love was not fast paced but seeing him evolve into a more affectionate, caring, and vulnerable person made me doggone near fall in love with him and I am happily married, lol…You let us in on his secret and that of so many other men,,, that they too are simply scared of things not working and letting us women and themselves down. The tender moments of the story were priceless. I would recount them but this is already too long. I love all of your books but this one, well, quite simply…I felt it in my heart. Their story was never a HEA…it was a real love story equipped w/ growing pains and trial and error that comes along with a real relationship. They belong together and I hope this story allows them to remain that way as it demonstrates how two flawed individuals can still manage to stumble upon a flawless and unconditional love! I can’t wait until Monday!! I just may have to call off work because I certainly won’t be working…I will be ravenously reading! Thank you, Nia!!!

      1. Nia, I’m sold! You are the bomb! I just left my review on Amazon under Kokanut! I will go on every page and blog to blow up your spot! You deserve it. Thanks for not compromising this beautiful couple and story because were so impatient and nipping at your heels! Job well, well, done! 5-Star book for a 5-Star author! You are blessed with phenomenal skills and talent! Best of luck to you and all the blessings and favor God has for you now and in the future! I will always support you! Sincerely!

      2. I read your review and so appreciate it, and your support. I still remember your very first message on this blog and how it encouraged me. Thank you. ❤

  13. Nia, my pleasure! My husband told me to stop blowing up your spot…he accused me of being a Nia Forrester groupie. I guess I am guilty as charged! Enjoy your success, you deserve it!

  14. I was so excited when I stumbled across Afterburn! I was so excited because I had recently re-read Afterwards because frankly I just couldn’t get enough! I had already read and re-read both Shawn/Riley and Tracy/Brendan’s stories because I just loved all of their stories and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with them. In the first two books in the series I didn’t really like Chris but I fell in love with him in Afterwards and fell in love even more in Afterburn. What I love the most about him is how he has gotten to the place where he has let his family in, shows his love and isn’t a “punk”. Robyn was a bit irritating to me in this book (with her spoiled self). I’m glad she got her priorities straight before she lost that good man! Lol. I feel like their story is now complete but would love to catch up if you end up writing a story for Jamal or even Etienne. You are masterful at what you do Ms. Foreester and I pray you continue!

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