Release Day for ‘Wife’ is here!

Wife cover

It’s way too soon for me to get all philosophical about this book, so let me just say that I hope you read it, like it and leave a review. And if it’s not your thing, please still do drop a line letting me know why.

On Sunday, I’ll blog about my continuing journey with Jayson and Keisha, but for now . . . Happy Reading!

Get yours here:



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15 thoughts on “Release Day for ‘Wife’ is here!

  1. I am just amazed at your writing….I went from ” hating” Keisha is previous novels to” loving” her! I check Amazon at least one a week and your website checking on release dates for your novels and to keep up with posts! I am ready for “Mother”! What is your next release? I know you just released this “Mistress” but……You are an awesome writer!

  2. I just purchased Wife and can’t wait to start it but I am soooooooo looking forward to the follow-up to Afterwards. I just loved that book! Well actually I love all your books but that is one that I’ve read twice and will probably do so again. You are an awsome writer, keep them coming.

  3. You previously wondered why the dearth of reviews from your readers across the pond. Well, I am pleased to report that I have remedied that by leaving one on the UK amazon site. I hope this encourages others to do thesame.
    I would also like to commend your ending in this book. It was very well done. I particularly felt compelled to leave a review not just because this is one your best work in my estimation but also because you were especially sensitive to the need for your heroine to finally get a break. That is excellent writing and a remarkable ability to connect with your readers. Great work Nia!

  4. Oh boy, I have so many chores!!! What’s a girl to do??? I am gonna one-clicked and hope to finish before dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see how I feel about Keisha tomorrow.

  5. I cannot believe that you’ve made me like Keisha! Not just like her, but root for her. Darn you! That being said, I love the complexity of your characters. How no one character is all good or all bad. I appreciate that you write for grown-ups in that you don’t write caricatures. You know that you don’t have to have over-the-top good or over-the-top evil characters and we will still get sucked in and feel as if we know these beautiful, flawed people. Thanks for that! Next book, please.

  6. Hi Nia, I just finished reading Wife. WOW, I LOVED it. Keisha has come such a long way and I absolutely love her. I cannot believe I can say that. She was perfectly flawed and so unlikeable but now I just love her imperfections. Those imperfections endears her to us and makes her character so relatable. Keisha has certainly risen from the ashes. Great read! I am looking forward to the continuation in Mother.

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