Read ‘The Engagement Season’ from Tia Kelly BEFORE it Goes on Sale!

The Engagement Season

Tia Kelly just launched a pop up bookstore where you can read her latest novel ‘The Engagement Season’ for FREE!

How does a pop up bookstore work?

It’s like a free web series. Between January 21 – February 9, on select days, a new chapter(s) of ‘The Engagement Season’ will be available online to read for free.

Visit to follow the eight-part contemporary fiction series, a postscript for ‘Playing for Love’ (a Wilkersons in Love novel). If read ‘Playing for Love’, I know you’re curious what became of Kenneth and Paige, and what’s going on with Carlos as well. ‘The Engagement Season’ gives you the low-down!

The store will only be online for a limited time, so catch her new web series before it’s gone because after February 10th, ‘The Engagement Season’ will no longer be free online and will only be available for purchase as a complete e-book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Click here for EPISODE ONE of ‘The Engagement Season’

Happy Reading!


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