Fiona promo2The day from Hell.

There was no other way to describe it.

Getting all dolled-up and heading out to Tramps seemed like the best way to lift her spirits and remind herself of her post-divorce resolution to be bold, brash and fearless. Earlier that evening, Fiona resolved that while the encounter with Jayson and Keisha in Target was a blow, she could get some male attention in the dimly-lit nightclub, drink a bit, get tipsy and dance a little, then go home having spent all of her negative emotions on the dance floor.

And then, the cruelest joke to end all cruel jokes—she spotted Jayson with his girlfriend making out on the dance floor. First they were barely able to keep their eyes off each other, not to mention their hands. Then he kissed her, and in doing so, Jayson seemed to be in some kind of frenzy, like he couldn’t get enough of the girl.

Fiona recalled only too well what that felt like, having Jayson kiss her. It made her wet; just one kiss from him could do that. It wasn’t just his skill—which was considerable—it was his enthusiasm. Like kissing was the pinnacle of pleasure for him. He never made Fiona feel like the kissing was just foreplay. He treated it like it was the climax —ha, ha— of what they might do together. So by the time he undressed her, which he always took his time doing, she was already moaning and squirming, grabbing his hand to lead his fingers to her clit, and simultaneously reaching for the hard bulge at his crotch.

Jesus Christ life was unfair. Of all the things to happen . . .

Turning and pushing her way toward the exit, Fiona felt the bitter taste of humiliation rise from the pit of her stomach. She could not let him see her here, all dressed up and desperate, searching in vain for his replacement. As though he could be replaced.

No, he couldn’t. He couldn’t be replaced.

A man like Jayson Holmes did not happen every day—beautiful enough to make you weep, an accomplished and considerate lover, a good and thoughtful friend. And with just enough of a past, and just enough damage that he didn’t realize he was way out of her league. It was then, as she left Tramps with her head down, that Fiona made her decision.

She wasn’t going to roll over this time. This Keisha person was not going to take Jayson from her. She would retreat now, but only so she could regroup and come back in fighting form another day. Keisha may have beauty on her side, but Fiona had other assets—proximity for one, and history. She already knew that Jayson was pining for the time before he went to prison, and for the life he might have had, so she would use those things to her advantage. She knew his family, was cordial with his sister; she knew all about his glory days in high school and had even attended his mother’s funeral.

So what if Keisha had a pretty face, a tight little body and possibly some personality trait Jayson thought he was attracted to? That, in comparison to what Fiona had at her disposal, was next to nothing.

By the time she was at her car, she was smiling. She was the type of person who always felt better when she had a plan. And this time, the plan was clear: get Jayson back.

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40 thoughts on “SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Wife’

  1. I can’t wait to read this. What should I read first? I’m assuming that this is a sequel or part of a series.

  2. Hi Nia! I am so ready for this book! I have read all of your books and loved every one of them! I have an Amazon gift card from the holidays burning a whole in my pocket. Do you have a date yet for the release?

  3. Nia, you know I am on sabbatical for the first 31 days of the year. I am ready Feb1st. Imagine that!!! I hope 2014 is good for you. I am ready for a few books in 2014….what are the plans for the upcoming year? Do you care to share with some of your #1 fans???

    1. I hope 2014 is good for you, too! 😉
      So I have this book Feb (hopefully), and after that? I’ll just keep writing. What comes when is anybody’s guess but my hope is to have Lorna’s story, the follow-up to Chris and Robyn’s story and then another that I don’t want to talk about yet.

      1. Hmmm. Lorna, that could get interesting. It’s time for her to come to grips with a few things!!!! Continuing saga with her boy toy? Also, since I am well schooled on asking about completions of stories, so let’s just say I would love to catch up on Robyn and Chris. Yes, girl, this is what you call job security!!! 😉 As long as I can click pay, I’ll make the purchase with your name attached to it!

  4. Honestly….Can I be honest for one moment? I may be a borderline stalker because I check this website just about every day looking for an update or new release from you. I have read everything (Kat Williams voice) by you. I can’t wait to read Wife.

    1. Ha ha! Jen, you started with ‘can I be honest for one moment?’ and I was scared! But no, I am thrilled that you’re borderline ‘stalking’ me because it means you like the work. I hope you’ll like ‘Wife’!

      1. I think I’m borderline stalking again. I’m anxiously waiting on “wife”. Lately, I haven’t come across many books with substance or that catches my attention. I think we dedicated readers are experiencing a drought. LOL Nia, you are our last hope. Do you have an estimate as to when the book will be available?

  5. Hi Nia. Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2014. I also wanted to let you know that for 2013 your books were what helped me to deal with some very personal issues. Your books allowed me to look at the lives of your amazing characters which got me out of my “funk”. Sometimes we need something to take us away from our every day lives and reading your books did that for me. Reading has always been my favorite past time and discovering you and your books, PRICELESS. I am sooooo looking forward to reading Wife. Seems as is Keisha may experience some karma. What is that saying? “What goes around comes around”. Can’t wait.

    1. Hi Marcia,
      I’m glad my books meant something to you and helped with whatever you were going through in 2013. I’m going to try to keep the streak going this year. As for Keisha, hmmm . . . we’ll see what fate has in store. Thanks for journeying with me!

  6. Hi Nia
    Love your books. Eagerly looking forward to your books for 2014. Trying to get my “friends” addicted to your books.

  7. Hi Nia
    Love your books. Eagerly looking forward to your books for 2014. Trying to get my friends “addicted” to your books.

  8. I don’t like this Fiona chick. She needs to mind her damn business, lol! I’m not quite sure how you too me from hoping somebody would stab Keisha in her neck, to feeling bad for her, to actually really, really liking her, and rooting for her and Jay, but you did. And NOW I’m hoping for a scene in Wife where this Fiona girl has a brain aneurism or something. And I don’t even know her yet! (But I DO know I want her to get her ass on somewhere, lmbo)
    Anyway, very excited for this new release. I’m a (very new) author myself, and I SO admire your work. The way you introduce us to these characters, and get us SO EXTRA SUPER emotionally involved, it’s like… magical almost, you know? But, I’m totally fan-girling right now, so I’ll stop!

    1. Thanks Christina! When other authors like my work, that makes me literally teary-eyed! I can’t promise you Fiona will have a brain aneurysm though, sorry . . .

  9. Mia..I sm a new reader to your books do far I have read from Commitment to Afterwards. I guess ill read Mistress’s and see what’s going on with ms Keisha. I love your books. Looking. Forward to catching up.

  10. I was so looking forward to reading Wife,but then…….. I suddenly had a vision of myself in my bed reading until the wee hours of the night. Stank breath kicking and feeling slightly dehydrated because since downloading Nia’s book ealier that day,I had no desire to eat, drink or sleep and while i peek at the clock( not caring if it’s 4am and I that I signed up for a double shift this day) I start to realize that I am too close to the end of the book. Slowly but surely, that old feeling of despair sets in when I realize after finishing Wife, I will go through denial( looking through kindle books for hours for quality work like Nia’s) then depression( knowing that there is no other like Nia and I will have to wait a brief eternity for her next fix.

  11. Finally – I was getting worried about you – love how you support other authors but, I also like hearing from you on your blog. I am looking forward to ‘Wife’ but, my mind is on what’s happening with the sequel to ‘Afterwards’. How’s that coming???

  12. Hey Nia, I am doing well, no complaining. Thanks for asking. I trust all is well with you! I know you have some great things in store for us this year! I am looking forward to Wife tomorrow 🙂

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