Jay PromoA

It was dusk. All afternoon Jay and Keisha had been in bed, touching, tasting, teasing. He was pretty sure he fell asleep before she did. Reaching over next to him and feeling nothing, he sat up. Keisha was standing naked by the window, her back to him. Hearing the movement, she turned and smiled, but not before Jay detected the worry in her eyes.

Inclining his head he gestured for her to come back to him and she did. Pulling her close, Jay pressed his lips to her forehead, and Keisha leaned into him.

“What’s the matter?” she said.

“What d’you mean?” he asked.

“Before. When you picked me up, you weren’t talking. And then you were all over me and . . .”

“You didn’t like that?” Jay teased.

Keisha twisted her lips and sighed. “Jayson, you know what I mean.”

“No, seriously, you . . .”

“Okay, you need to hear me say it?” she asked. “No, I didn’t like it. I loved it. I love when you touch me. No matter how you touch me. Except . . .”

“Except what?”

“Except when you were behind me, at first,” she admitted. “I don’t like it when I feel like you don’t . . . see me.”

“Key,” Jayson turned her head, and looked her in the eye. “I always see you. What else would I see? Who else?”

At that her eyes flitted away and Keisha pulled in her lower lip.

“Now I should ask what’s on your mind,” Jay said.

“I just want . . .”

“You want . . ?” he prompted.

“To be the only one,” she said. “For once in my life, I want to be the only one.”

Jay hesitated. And not because the commitment of it frightened him. He liked women, and now that he was a man and no longer the boy he had been before prison, he realized just how much they liked him; but having played with the novelty of being physically desired over the past couple of years, Jay knew that his orientation was toward monogamy. Being with one woman didn’t scare him at all. Keisha, on the other hand, did.

She might think she was ready for him, for a relationship, but he wasn’t sure.

Whatever else Keisha had as positive attributes, she was still a little immature, a little selfish, and a lot spoiled. When they went grocery-shopping, Jay saw that she had no real sense of the value of money, and barely ever looked at prices; and when they watched TV, she was mesmerized by luxury items—cars, jewelry, ads for exotic vacations—she still had some traces of the girl who used to sleep with wealthy men just to earn access to the finer things in life. A woman like that might never be satisfied for long being with a man like him, who worked with his hands for a living and had a prison record that made it extremely unlikely he would ever have a traditional corporate career and the financial security that came with it.

Though he had no doubt that Keisha wanted him to herself, Jay just wasn’t completely sure why. It could be just natural territorialism, or it could be something more, the occasional flash of recognition in her eyes that told him they . . . knew each other on a deeper, more fundamental level. Maybe even more than anyone else knew them.

“When you were out there, on the road?” Keisha said. “Were there . . . like, women and . . ?”


“Like how many, some?”

There it was—her territorial nature. A woman used to sharing men with their wives shouldn’t have been this way, but it pleased Jay to know that with him, she felt differently.

“I don’t know how many.”

Keisha wrenched free of him and sat up, arms folded. “That many?”

“No. I just wasn’t counting or anything. A few, okay?”

“Are you in touch with any of them now?” she insisted. Her brow was wrinkled and her lips pursed into an angry line. Her jealousy was making him rock hard. He reached for her but she pulled back.

“No,” he said.

“And what about this chick up here? What’s her name again?”

“Key . . .”

“You don’t want to tell me?” she demanded.

“You’re not going to choke her out, are you?” he asked, referring to a run-in Keisha once had with a woman he was sleeping with.

Keisha rolled her eyes. “You’re not going to give me a reason to choke her out, are you?”

Jay laughed, in spite of himself. “C’mere. Crazy girl.”

He pulled her back down to him so that he was wedged between her butt-cheeks and reached around to touch her. She felt swollen, and Jay wondered if she was too sore, because damned if he wasn’t ready again. Keisha lifted her leg and moving it backward, hooked it around his so that she was open to him. Reaching around with his other hand, Jay cupped her breast. Keisha was ready for him within moments, and before he could, she moved slightly upward and forward then grasped him in her fist positioning him to enter her.

“If you don’t want me to be crazy, you won’t touch that bitch again,” Keisha said as he slid inside her.

“Uh huh.” Jay tried to form words, but couldn’t. She felt tighter than before, and was rolling her hips backward and forward, the motion almost hypnotic. He didn’t think he would last very long this time around.

Say it,” she insisted. “That you won’t touch her again. That you won’t touch anyone but me.”

“You want me to tell you whose dick this is, is that it?” Jay joked.

Grasping her about the waist, Jay took control of the situation and flipped Keisha over onto her back, pinning her arms high above her head and holding her in place. Using a knee, he parted her legs again and fell between them, avoiding her maneuvers as she tried to get him to enter her again, instead pressing himself upwards so he was gliding between her lips, stroking her with the underside of his erection.

Keisha squirmed and twisted beneath him, and Jay could see the combination of frustration and excitement in her features as she struggled against his firm hold.

“Stop playin’. . .

“I’m not playing.” Jay lowered his head and tongued the side of her neck, Keisha leaned into it, groaning now. “If it’s yours, don’t wait for me to give it to you, take it,” he breathed.

She tried, but still he held himself at bay, enjoying her contortions as she fought to get him inside her. Finally, pulling her knees up to her chest, managing to use his hold on her as an anchor, Keisha tilted her pelvis at the perfect angle for penetration. She opened her eyes then, and smiled her triumph. Jay had a feeling it would always be like this between them—a war between two strong, passionate natures. But just before she could bear down on him, Jay pulled back one last time.

“Look at me, Keisha,” he said.

She did right away, tilting her chin upward, her eyes meeting his, even as she continued to push against him. Jay was only just barely able to maintain his own control. But something needed to be said, and right now was the time to say it, when he had her complete attention.

“I’m yours, but you’re mine, too.”

“Yes,” she said, straining against him. Her hair was wild, her lips pink and bee-stung and her eyes frantic with need. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Now I want you to say it.”

“Nobody touches me but you,” Keisha said.

17 thoughts on “SAMPLE SUNDAY: From ‘Wife’

  1. Oh wow! I can’t wait. This reads so good. I can’t believe I am rooting for Keisha to get it right. It feels like a betrayal of my fav couple, Shawn and Riley. LOL. But I really started liking Keisha in Mistress; I think she is sorry. So I can’t wait to read Wife.

  2. Ummm,….I thought I was getting an early Christmas present??? New Year!!! Oh my!!! The first 31 days I am out of the loop. So I am looking forward to February 1, 2014 Will it be here by then?

  3. Forget Keisha, where are you getting the pictures of these very handsome men. Jason, Shawn, Brendan, etc.; please do a calendar. Seriously, I’m looking forward to the book.

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