An Accidental Series

AlwaysWantMoreI generally don’t like series. My preference is that a story END. Not because the characters end, but because from the standpoint of a writer, I’d rather just get on to the next thing, and oftentimes there’s just nothing left to say. I’ve even railed against series in the past on this very blog.But now I’m coming around to a slightly different point of view, in part because I’ve been exposed to new authors whose take on serials is different than my preconception of them, and who do an amazing job making you crave the next book. By picking up on the thread of secondary characters and developing them, some authors have done a series of novels that work and maintain reader interest.

Following their lead (and at the urging of a reader) I picked up on a thread of secondary characters in ‘Commitment’, which led to the writing of ‘Unsuitable Men’ and then it went from there so that now I have [sigh] written an accidental series. Lately, I’ve gotten email from folks asking in what order they should read my books (yay!) and I generally answer that it doesn’t much matter since each story could/should stand alone.

Still I’ve had to face the fact that if you read one or more “out of order” it contains spoilers for those that came before. So here’s  the order in case folks are interested, of my [hard swallow] series:


Unsuitable Men

Maybe Never



Thanks so much for the interest, and I hope you’ll be inclined to leave a review if you read them.

Happy Reading!


P.S. Secret precedes The Art of Endings and The Seduction of Dylan Acosta is a stand-alone. For now.

23 thoughts on “An Accidental Series

      1. Yay! A Mark and Dylan sequel! Yum! Yum! And while you’re at it, could you connect them to Shawn, Riley, Tracy, Brendan, Chris, et al somehow? What?! I’m sure they can somehow run into each other at those celeb events, or maybe use the same lawyer or business manager or something. Just saying.

        I wonder if folks hate Dylan as much as I hate Keisha. I know you tried to er…explain her issues in Mistress and intellectually I understand, but…she’s still my least fave character.

        What I love Bout your books is yes, that you don’t leave ridiculous cliff hangers, but also that you have realistic endings, AND you really delve into the psyche of the character to humanize and help us understand how someone could be THAT way.

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next read!

      2. Thank you! Yeah, Mark and Dylan will reappear, but not sure they’re the ‘stars’ of that next book. Oh, I’m working on getting you to like, no LOVE, Keisha. I’ll keep writing till I make it happen. 😉

  1. I second that comment! I, too, would love a second book on Dylan and Mark. My issue with series’ is the ridiculous cliffhangers that authors use to force you to buy the next book, which you, thankfully, do not do. But glad you “owned” the fact that you do in fact have a series on your hands!

  2. I love your series, you story lines are so interesting and I love that they are connected in some ways however they are totally different. Your characters personalities as so different it hard to believe they are connected as friends but your plots are real everyday situations so it is easy to relate to them.

      1. Like another reader, I was surprised to like Chris as much as I did in Afterwards. The way you wrote him just showed that he was a regular human being doing his best to the best of his knowledge. Poor guy and the migraines! I hope he finds relief in the next book.

  3. When I first read about Chris I didn’t like him at all!!! Thank you for developing his character! Can’t wait for the finale of he and Robyn.

  4. I actually just began reading your books on Thursday. I started with Afterwards, then Unsuitable Men and just finished Commitment a few minutes ago. So I’ve read 3 of your books in less than a week. They are excellent! I would have liked to read them in order, but I don’t feel that the experience was spoiled because I knew the ending to Riley and Shawn and Brendan and Tracy’s stories. It was actually great to learn more about their characters and learn how they got together. I’m very excited to read that you’ll be giving us more of Robyn and Chris. I just moved to DC and am looking to get more involved in the city outside of my job. Do you have book readings or other appliances that are open to the public? Thanks for being my new favorite author.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them, Mykel! I’ve not done very many public appearances and generally don’t seek them out, but I do go to book clubs meetings if possible whenever invited. I am so pleased that you consider me one of your favorite authors!

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