Wife Cover1f2You didn’t think I was done with Keisha, did you? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get ‘Mistress‘ and get caught up before ‘Wife’ comes out later this winter.

SAMPLE SUNDAY is from ‘Wife’, COMING 2013!

Jayson was slowly extricating himself, sliding his arm from beneath Keisha’s head. She knew he was trying not to wake her because every Sunday evening it was the same thing—he had to drive back upstate, and she tried to persuade him to wait until morning. Then he would reason that it would make him late, she started a fight, and they sometimes parted on less-than-positive terms. Tonight, though, she’d promised herself not to be difficult about it. Instead she’d tried another approach—sex. Because she knew that he generally fell into a deep sleep afterwards, tonight Keisha had done her best to wear his ass out. Instead, she was worn out and Jayson still noticed the time and was now trying to make his getaway without the usual Sunday night dramatics.

“I’m not sleeping,” she said, just as he got to the edge of the bed and sat up. “So you may as well turn on the light and get dressed properly instead of sneaking out with your boots in your hand.”

Jay turned to look at her. “Don’t say it like that. I’m not sneaking out. You know I’ve got work first thing.”

“I hate that stupid job.” Keisha sat up, pulling the sheet up to cover her chest, and flipped on the lamp next to the bed.

Turning the lights out was to have helped ease Jay into Dreamland, but it hadn’t worked.

“That stupid job pays the bills,” he said, getting up and heading into the bathroom. He was still naked as a jaybird.

Keisha smiled. Naked as a Jay-Bird.

Every time she saw him naked, she couldn’t believe he was hers. It felt . . . indecent, that someone should be as lucky as she was, to have a man like that all to herself. And it wasn’t just the looks, either. Jay was that mythical creature that most women didn’t even believe existed—the total package. Not just handsome, he was also smart, ambitious, loyal, caring, and damned good in bed. That he would want her, after the things she’d done, was a minor miracle.

They’d met almost two years ago, when she made a temporary move back to her father’s house, displacing Jay from her old bedroom, which her father had rented to him. She was in a bad place and so was Jayson, having fairly recently gotten out of prison for a ten-year armed robbery beef. But even that hadn’t dimmed Jay’s appeal. Compared to the life she’d been living, as a mistress to wealthy, much older men, he seemed like an angel. And that’s what he’d turned out to be. He hadn’t saved her, but he sure as hell helped her save herself.

20 thoughts on “SAMPLE SUNDAY–From ‘Wife’ COMING SOON!

  1. Can’t wait. Am in the middle of Afterwards. So…don’t suppose you’re thinking of a sequel to Commitment? LOL. I love that book.

      1. I was worried that it might not but I chose to stay in a positive mindset about it. You know the whole wishful thinking thing. 🙂

  2. Hello!!! And I am ready….Let’s get on to the story of Keisha . After delaying this read (Mistress) for a moment, I had to bite the bullet and read Keisha’s story. Well, I just hope it ain’t about Jay’s wife because then poor Keisha would remain as always… a mistress. We are moving away from that behavior…right??? Ok, I can’t tell you where to take this story, but Lord knows I am ready to hire you an assistant!!! Let me get back to getting folks to buy your books, so you can get this perfect holiday gift ready.

  3. I just finished reading Afterwards and it terrific! Because of the way it ended I’m assuming (well more like hoping) that there will be another part to Chris and Robyn’s story?
    *P.S. please say yes lol

  4. Hello Nia,
    I can’t wait until you complete this book! I LOVE all of your books and I wish you would write something every week to keep my addiction at bay. I really wish you would do a second book to the seduction of Dylan Acosta, I love the leading man Mark but I would like to see Dylan redeem herself in a second book. She started off such a strong women but seemed to lose her way and become so weak. I know there is another story there waiting to be told. Could you please recommend other books with great story lines similar to yours?

  5. Hi Nia,

    Just wanted to say I Love your books! Even though I didn’t care about Keisha and what happened in her life (because she was so low down, you kind of wanted to believe that low down things happen to low down people), But, I broke down and bought it. Even though it is my least favorite book, I must say that I did come away with a better understanding of Keisha. Of all your books, Afterwards is my favorite. You are such a talented writer! With the abundance of sex and violence found in other books, it was refreshing to discover a well written book with multi-dimensional characters. They were entirely believable! Please do a follow-up to Afterwards and it was so nice to see Shawn and Riley in Tracy and Brendan’s story. After Chris and Robyn, they are my favorite couple! Please don’t rush your storylines, but keep in mind that you have created an addicted fan base who anxiously awaits your next book, essay, paragraph, etc.!

    1. Hi Billy-
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write this lovely note. And thank you for the reminder not to rush. I love Chris and Robyn too, and will definitely be following up on Afterwards. The generosity of readers who have taken time to tell me how much they appreciate my work has me feeling a greater responsibility to take care and time in what I write and how I write it. I hope in 2014 and beyond to continue to live up to the confidence you’ve put in me!

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