The After-Words

Option 3 AfterwardsFrom ‘Afterwards’:

“Things between them had been frustrating, but if he didn’t sleep with her he didn’t have to worry about the afterwards, the after-words, the explaining that inevitably came when a woman assumed too much . . .”

Just wanted to drop a line to thank everyone for their support of ‘Afterwards’ which has so far been so much more well-received than I could possibly have anticipated, given that its about two secondary characters who were never in the forefront of my mind as possible leads until a reader asked me, ‘Are you going to write a story about Chris?’

As I write this, ‘Afterwards’ has 33 reviews, and all of them are five-stars, and is ranked as follows on Amazon:

That’s amazing, and I don’t say that as a boast, because anyone who writes and tells you they know that people will love what they wrote is either a liar or self-delusional. You never know, and I certainly didn’t. For sure, I didn’t see the possibilities in the main character that the reader who asked about him saw. Generally, I consider every character, no matter how small to have some back-story, but more often than not, that story remains in my mind and never gets written. This time, because someone asked the question, I took a chance and found myself falling in love with a complex man and a somewhat bruised, though not broken woman.

Thus far, some of my most challenging work has been in response to reader queries, so I dedicated this book to two of the most voracious readers I know, Deloris and Sabrina who will remain surname-less to protect their anonymity. They don’t just read books, they devour them, and think about them, and talk about them, and remind writers like me that what feels like a solitary pursuit is really not because there are Delorises and Sabrinas out there who care and are watching.

So my after-words–to Deloris, Sabrina and everyone else who’s sent me email about my work, and made comments or asked questions on this blog–are simply this: thank you, you make my work better.


If you don’t have your copy of ‘Afterwards’ yet, check it out!

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10 thoughts on “The After-Words

  1. Ok, just so you know I AM NOT A BLOGGER… have not figured out the blogosphere. But, I like to email my favorite authors and well… this was the way I could contact you best so here I am. I appreciate every word…sometimes I go back to Shawn and Riley’s story just to reflect on how love develops…it makes them so “real” to me. Nia, you have been properly named because you have found your purpose…thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  2. Love your work! I just so happened onto your work and ended up buying all of your books! I was also wondering if there would be a story about Chris and you released After-words! The book was great but please please please give me an epilogue:) or another book!!! Now I’m still wondering about Chris and Robyn.

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