9 thoughts on “Release Date: ‘Mistress’ Available Tomorrow, Sept. 1, 2013!

  1. I never, ever doubt your skills…you got them!!! I have not downloaded Keisha’s book cause I am not sure I want to feel something for the ‘other’ women. It’s personal, but I am trying to put it behind me, I will keep you posted…..

      1. I know that….just not ready to understand Keisha yet. I have not read a disappointment just wish some books had been longer.

  2. So I have finished….always sad when I get to the end!! Well, Well, Well, who would have thought it??? I was trying not to start thinking poor Keisha, cause she is that other chick. You know?? The one when you are hanging in the pj’s who doesn’t live by the code of the girl friends. Dating your man and someone else’s. I still got that issue with Keisha and she just ain’t loveable to me. Drama understood…Hey, I am trying. All in all a good book. You never fall short, even the consideration of her as a wounded soul had me just…….Thanks, Nia!!!

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